For several years now, characters on "The Young and the Restless" have been following a trend that does not appear to be going away. Residents of Genoa City and their work or living quarters are overwhelmingly sporting three basic colors: red, black, and white. This color scheme, which many believe to be esoteric, was very evident on Tuesday's episode (November 13). Naturally, there were characters in other hues, but the pattern of showcasing black, red, and white was very clear. From Mariah, who was arguing with Tessa about the money in the mattress, to Lauren, Phyllis, and Kerry in their Jabotique photo shoot, it seems a point is being made.

Phyllis, Kerry, Lauren go esoteric

Americans know that red, white, and blue are the colors of the flag, and represent patriotism. Most people understand that red and green are holiday hues, but the strategic placement of red, black, and white that is taking the celebrity world by storm has never been explained. Often on "The Young and the Restless," the three hues are strategically placed throughout Genoa City, such as when Billy Abbott was seated at his black desk, looking at a white roll of paper and holding a red ink pen.

On Tuesday, the esoteric colors were in full force, when Kerry, dressed in red, and Lauren donning white, gave Phyllis a selection of dresses to choose from for their upcoming photo session.

Ms. Newman had forgotten the big day, so her associates decided to help. Naturally, every dress on the rack was red, black, or white, and astute viewers knew in advance which shade Ms, Summers would decide to wear.

Those who perceived black were correct and watched as the color scheme played out during the photo session. Phyllis, Kerry, and Lauren looked beautiful and when it was over, Billy showed up. He let his ex know that he did not like being left out of the loop of his family company.

Phyllis is riding high for now but fans believe that Genoa City residents will soon see Jabot run once more by the Abbott family.

On Tuesday's "Y&R" episode, Mariah stormed into her new abode, with Tessa wearing a black coat and a red pocketbook across her shoulder.

When she turned around, viewers could see the red tassel hanging from her black neck scarf. The two women had a heated exchange, where Ms. Copeland begged her significant other to tell her the truth about where all the money came from. Their exchange allowed the women to stretch their acting skills.

Sadly, Tessa never revealed where the $250,000 came from, and her girlfriend walked out the door. It's also evident that the "girl power" movement will probably soon be over as well. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless," weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM ET to keep up with Lauren and the other women of Genoa City. Pay close attention to the strategic placement of esoteric color schemes in homes, businesses, and especially in the female attire.