In September, irate "Y&R" fans were calling for head writer Mal Young to be fired because he had let Doug Davidson go after 40 years in Genoa City. Spoiler alerts for the next two weeks indicate that viewers will end the year without Paul and that the Rosales family along with Kyle and Summer continue to be front and center.

There have been more scenes at the GCPD, and Rey recently mentioned "the chief" to Sharon, but there has been no sign of the beloved character who endeared himself to millions who have watched the show over the decades. It's looking like neither declining ratings, CBS nor the executive producer are heeding the voice of the people who keep them on the air.

The Rosales family presence is increasing on Y&R

Soaps She Knows indicates that the Rosales family presence in Genoa City is about to increase. In addition to siblings Rey, Arturo, and Lola, their mother will soon come to town. Rey has been front and center investigating J.T. Helstrom's disappearance.

Now that the watch purchased by Mac has been found, the detective is calling it a murder investigation. Last week he mentioned "the chief" to Sharon, but Paul's name was not mentioned, and there is no evidence that viewers will see him again.

Lola is dating Kyle who is still tied to Summer, and Arturo is seeing Abby and working for the Newman family. With spoilers indicating that the Rosales siblings mother is coming to town, it's evident that Mal Young is continuing his mission of going in a different direction.

Fans have online petitions going calling for Young to be fired, and CBS to rehire Doug Davidson. Eric Braeden has used his social media platform to decry the mistreatment of "Y&R" veterans., but thus far Mal Young has not listened.

Kyle and Summer reign in Genoa City

Soap Dirt reveals that the dysfunctional relationship between Kyle and Summer will continue to be front and center in Genoa City.

Las week Summer got her mother to allow Kyle to work with her on a project which will have the duo in each other's orbit night and day. Now that Billy has kicked her to the curb and Lola is in the picture the daughter of Nick and Phyllis has her sights set on her first love once again. Spoilers say that she will not stop until she gets her man in bed.

Mal Young has remained silent since Doug Davidson announced that he had been fired. There does not seem to be any indication that "Y&R" viewers will ever see Paul Williams again. If spoilers are correct, those who enjoy the show should prepare themselves for more of Kyle and Summer and the Rosales family.