''Game of Thrones'' is set to return in April 2019 with that long-awaited final season. Taking the whole of 2018 off, the show's producers did nothing but amplify the social buzz revolving around this particular show. After dismissing lots of rumors, those months of uncertainty finally ended when an official premiere date for Season 8 was released.

According to bustle.com and knowing that the show used to be aired on Sunday, there are four possible dates on the calendar. So, it'll all start happening on April 7, April 14, April 21 or perhaps April 28 of 2019.

Launched back in 2011, ''Game of Thrones'' quickly became the HBO's most lucrative show and a flagship of today's culture. As any other exciting thing in this world, this must come to an end too and the next season will put a cap on this marvelous series.

'GoT' Season 8 teaser is very emotional

What ''Game of Thrones'' has done over the years was to simply redefine the very definition of epicness. This faux-medieval universe based on George R.R. Martin's writing transported us through a variety of epic moments. Each of the seven seasons aired up to this point kept the bar high.

Yesterday's teaser represented the essence of the whole story and it ended with that long-awaited announcement. April 2019 is when ''Game of Thrones'' will return with its final season.

The teaser says it all and, judging by the hyped music and monologue that comes along, once the show hits the airwaves, things will go wild.

Ever since its launch back in 2011, ''Game of Thrones'' was aired each year with one exception which is 2018. Trying to understand the decision to resume the show in April, a curious thing emerged.

That specific month is when the show usually resumed in the past too. According to IMDb, the sole exception was back in 2017 when Season 7 premiered in July.

The mystic land of Westeros will come again under the audience's voracious eyes as the whole world looks for a resolution.

'Game of Thrones' and its most hot topics

Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow are, by far, one of the central points of the upcoming action.

Although unaware of its nature, their incestuous relationship remains a hot spot on the radar. Moreover, according to Bran Stark, Jon Snow is also the rightful heir to the Iron Throne which makes things even more exciting. In the end, either Jon or Daenerys will lose, so, it would be interesting to see who gets what.

The second big slot is occupied by the Night King and the threat the Army of the Dead presents. Breaching the Wall was one of the ending scenes of Season 7.

And, a third interesting perspective is that of Cersei Lannister and her side-plan to keep her grip on the Iron Throne. Her duplicite actions fall in line with the character's features, and that gives her a reasonable chance to succeed.