Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" say that revenge and the need for control will motivate a number of "Genoa City" residents to become part of a mass tug-of-war. Love triangles will overlap and there is no guarantee which couples will remain standing. Mina has come to town and made it absolutely clear to Sharon that Rey is her husband and they are getting back together. Nick and Phyllis are going to the Jaboutique's launch together to prove a point and Sharon will decide to attend with Billy to make her ex-jealous. Kyle is interested in Lola, but Summer has decided she wants him back.

Only the strong will emerge unscathed after these love games are over.

Rey, Billy, Nick are caught between vicious women

Soap Dirt reveals that Nick and Phyllis have decided to be the new Genoa City power couple and will attend the launch of Jabot's new cosmetics line together. On Tuesday (November 13) she told Billy and spoilers say that he is going to invite Sharon as his date. Mina has laid down the law regarding her marriage to Rey, so Sharon is going to accept Billy's offer. Nick still has feelings for his first wife and he will not like seeing her out on the town with his former brother in law.

Phyllis wants to stick it to Billy for sleeping with Summer but still has residual feelings. She is also trying to edge him out of his family company while asserting herself as CEO.

Sharon is pretending to be noble but will fight down and dirty if Mina continues to push her. Nick, Billy, and Rey are caught between these conniving women, who are so vicious they will do anything to get their way. Soap Hub indicates that Mina's surprise visit to her spouse will set a chain reaction of events into motion.

Lola stuck in middle of Kyle and Summer's games

Lola seems smitten with Kyle and he is certainly fascinated with her. Soap Dirt, however, teases that Summer is going to be full force in her attempt to get Kyle in her bed. Spoilers say she will be as relentless as she was when Billy was her target. When Kyle wanted Summer, she ignored him, then teased him, and even shared with him her plan to get Billy in bed.

Now that Lola is in the picture, spoilers indicate Summer will be determined to have her way with Kyle.

It looks like Genoa City is about to be running over with love triangles, meaningless hookups, and heartbreak so make sure you don't miss any of the action. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts to find out what happens with Nick, Kyle, Billy, and Rey. Keep watching "The Young and the Restless," weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 ET on CBS.