''This Is Us'' resumed after a fortnight-long hiatus and it brought some intense scenes at the party. According to ew.com, Episode 7 'Sometimes' shed some lights on Zoe's childhood and her strange relationship with her father. According to refinery29.com, Kevin learned a shocking truth about his girlfriend. It seems that Zoe was sexually abused by her father while being just a child.

The other side of the swing had Rebecca and Jack and how their early-days as a couple unfolded. Starting from their trip to Los Angeles, and wrapping it up with their journey back home to Pittsburg, the narrative helped us to understand why Rebecca was so into Jack since the get-go.

And, of course, there is Jack and his brother during the War in Vietnam in what seems to be a tense relationship.

Jack decided to live a second life once he met Rebecca

Sleeping together during their trip to Los Angeles, gave Rebecca the chance to observe Jack's in-sleep behavior closely. Therefore, she expressed her concerns about Jack having nightmares and Jack did a brave thing by stating that he's not willing to talk about what he did and saw back in Vietnam.

Basically, Jack decided to put together a fresh new life with Rebecca. Still, Rebecca got to see Jack's soft side the minute she started to sing in the car. Jack can barely keep his emotions in line as tears are about to drop from his eyes.

In that very moment, Rebecca seems to have understood the burden Jack has been carrying on his shoulders and why it's important to move on without digging the past out.

That piece of advice should be injected into Kevin's mind as he is already in Vietnam trying to track down any hint that might help him learning Jack Pearson's entire story.

The episode left an unresolved item as Jack's brother ends up being transferred to Jack's unit but he seems totally untouched by the change.

Vietnam investigation leads to Zoe's secrets

With just a picture and a necklace as the base to his investigation, Kevin takes Zoe on an investigative trip to Vietnam with the sole purpose of unearthing Jack's story, he thinks.

While roaming around the streets of Hanoi he learned a painful truth; that necklace he has been wearing around his neck has zero uniqueness as the streets are full of similarly-crafted souvenirs.

As Kevin's frustration mounted up, he turned to Zoe asking her to be a bit more open about her past. His wishes come true and in the wake of a food poisoning incident, Zoe confessed that her father sexually abused her and that her relationship with her father is a thing of the past.

The good part is that his whole Vietnam quest is gluing them together even more.