"Dragon Ball Super" - new information is emerging on the upcoming developments of the manga. In fact, from the Internet, the first images of what is likely to be the villain of the narrative arc of the "Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol" have appeared. The new antagonist, as shown in the images, will be a creature similar to a billy goat with a long gray beard. We don't know the name of this individual but can assume he will be the elusive Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol that Jaco and his colleagues are trying to capture so insistently. The news seems official since the images come from the official site of V-Jump, the magazine published by Shueisha that is published monthly in the Japanese comics and bookstores.

The image

One wonders, at this point, how powerful this new villain of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga will be. We know that the Galactic Patrol wants to awaken the power of the Great Kaioshin present inside the body of Majin Buu to stop it. W also remember that the villain comes at a time when Goku and Vegeta have faced opponents of the likes of Jiren and Broly, since the saga in question takes place after the events of the film coming out on December 14.

Who is Jiya?

The new chapter of "Dragon Ball Super" will be dedicated to the Galactic Patrol and, in addition to the nice Jaco, will show us something quite old that some fans may not remember. Let's go to the discovery of this mysterious character.

For those who did not recognize it, it is Jiya . He is a colleague of Jaco and, therefore, a member of the Galactic Patrol. Jiya is the protagonist of a series of manga chapters dedicated to the members of the Galactic Patrol, among which Jaco in the Galactic Patrol. That was in the volume that, in the appendix, includes the one shot "Dragon Ball Minus," which Toriyama realized in 2014 to give an official vision on the origins of Son Goku.

Jiya was the name of the mini-series that was published by Akira Toriyama on Weekly Shonen Jump between December 2009 and January 2010. The work, written by sensei, was illustrated by Masakazu Katsura and went to complete the unique volume that came out in April 2014. The tankobon also included Sachie-chan Guu and Jaco the Galactic Patrolman.

It seems that Toyotaro wanted to pay homage to the old works of the sensei Toriyama. He is introducing characters that appeared in the mini-series and at the same time focusing the new narrative arc of the "Dragon Ball Super" manga on the figure of Majin Buu and the entity enclosed in his body. This is the great Kaioshin who was once absorbed by the pink demon.