''This Is Us'' is set to return with another chapter of the marvelous story that put one particular family in the spotlight. The Pearsons will suffer another thorough exam as the show will come one step closer to its mid-season finale. Episode 7 ''Sometimes'' marks the end of a two weeks hiatus as the show took a Tuesday off from its airing schedule.

The episode preview has been out for a while now and it seems to be solely centered on how the beginning of Jack and Rebecca as a couple unfolded. That preview may be a bit deflating for those eager to see more Vietnam action or investigative work in that field but their time will definitely come at some point.

Having such a complex narrative unfolding in front of our eyes, it's intriguing that Season 4 hasn't received any official confirmation.

Season 3 follows the same pattern as the previous ones

Looking for consistency or for some good old-fashioned symmetry, the show has been using the same structure for each season. Therefore, once Episode 10 is aired, ''This Is Us'' will be put on hold for the holidays. It will resume in January 2019.

Regarding the third season, the show has expanded its action area. Adding Vietnam into the mix was a game changer and that part is expected to take up more chunks in the future. Learning more about Jack Pearson's life is the goal of the whole show.

Season 3 current status of affairs

For the time being, things are heated on all fronts of the narrative. While traveling back into a past timeline is always a pleasure, the present timelines have their own intricacies.

We have Kate and Toby and the titanic work they put themselves through. On various levels, they both risked their lives for the sole purpose of creating life.

According to digitalspy.com, Kate and Toby are about to be tested quite hard.

Somewhere in the storm, there is Randall and Beth and their idealistic quest for justice, fairness, and all those features a Don Quixotesque affair comes with. And, of course, there is the whole Vietnam chapter that Kevin Pearson decided to start digging out.

Season 4 would have plenty of narratives to sort through

If the show's structure remains the same, then Season 4 of ''This Is Us'' should be delivered to us next fall. The good part is that this show has already attracted some staggering numbers in terms of viewership.

Judging by the uncertainty characterizing all its current narrative layers, it's rather impossible to foresee an early exit for ''This Is Us.''.All the hints point out in a single direction; ''This Is Us'' is here to stay and with the help of a committed audience tuned in on every occasion, the future is painted in bright colors.