As much as “Teen Mom 2” fans have wanted Jenelle Evans fired by MTV in the past, it is probably best for her and the couple’s young children for her to remain on the reality show. The network previously stated that if someone is being harmed or endangered that the production team would call appropriate authorities.

The topic was broached when Farrah Abraham was still employed by MTV. Viewers and social media followers expressed concern for Sophia, Farrah’s daughter.

David Eason directs his anger at co-star’s father

Jenelle’s husband David Eason has, yet again, made a real show of his talent for acting out online.

This time, the target was a man. Jenelle’s co-star Chelsea Houska’s father was in David’s scope and he was determined to unleash his pent-up anger – or something that wells within him until it boils over to his social media. The man just cannot seem to keep himself in check for very long, until his behavior repeats itself. Anyone notice the pattern he has set?

Cast member’s husband threatens via Instagram

Maybe there were too few or too many trick-or-treaters who visited David’s and Jenelle’s house or he just wanted to remind everyone that he still finds himself relevant. Regardless of his underlying rationale, David threatened Randy on Halloween, according to Hollywood Life.

He made a string of Instagram video aimed at Randy.

Online raging followed Jenelle taking on haters

The online attack was precipitated by Jenelle, who used her Twitter account to address haters in a video, Hollywood Life reported. She took on the rumor that her teeth were “knocked out,” alluding to an alleged and much reported physical assault by David that Jenelle denies happened on October 13.

David he did not knock out her teeth. She stated that she wears a retainer rather than opting for some type of “plastic surgery” and for an instant-fix to realign her jaw.

Dentist-father only pointed out the facts

Randy, who is a dentist, saw Jenelle’s video. He commented that when a person’s jaw is “un-aligned,” the jaw would need to be “re-aligned.” Glad that has been cleared up. David then unleashed his trademark anger, calling Randy a “punk,” to which Randy responded, “I can realign your jaw.”

David continued his rant in two follow-up videos he shared on Instagram. He stated that he has guns, telling Randy to mess with him, only he dropped the F-bomb.

Additionally, he said, “I’ve got vicious dogs.” Randy is not the worried in the slightest, however, US Weekly pointed out.

Reality star dad might have hit a nerve

Common sense seems to have prevailed, at some point, as David deleted his videos. That he reacted so strongly to Randy’s comment to Jenelle could indicate that he struck a nerve in David. Quite possibly, Randy’s remark hit too close to home for David.

Though Jenelle assured fans that David did not attack her on October 13, people heard the 911 call that media agencies shared online.

She was frantic. In the call that she made to 911, Jenelle was “sobbing,” according to Newsweek. She also asserted that David attacked her. Jenelle told the emergency dispatch operator that she actually heard her “collarbone crack.” Jenelle later stated that it was a situation she described as both “drunk” and “dramatic.”

Be sure to follow Blasting News for updates and for the latest information. In other "Teen Mom 2" news, Jenelle used her social media to convey her frustration over MTV's selection of segments to film for broadcast. She brought up some really good points. Not to be upstaged, her husband enraged many social media followers when he wrapped himself in the Confederate Flag and put his spin on history.