Jenelle Evans made some totally valid points, on social media, about scenes of her life that the MTV network selects for airing on episodes of “Teen Mom 2.” Underlying her frustration is that she feels her voice is not heard when she offers ideas for filming events happening in her life that do not necessarily involve her controversial husband, David Eason, Hollywood Life reported.

Noteworthy points broached by reality star

Fans and social media followers do realize that taping and broadcasting do have limits – constraints are set by time allotted for airing, as well as budget restrictions.

MTV producers consider the storylines which will draw viewers, which translates into advertising revenues. All things considered, Jenelle does raise noteworthy points.

She made her views heard on social media. She relayed her frustrations with MTV on her Instagram account on October 15, according to US Weekly. One of the topics that the “Teen Mom 2” star believes would have blended well with filming and broadcast involves her son Kaiser.

Media followed Kaiser’s surgery, MTV did not

Jenelle’s little boy recently underwent surgery, which is a huge deal for a small child, as well as for any parent. Regardless of the number of Adenoidectomies that an ear, nose, and throat surgeon may perform, the numbers do not stand up to how close to the heart each surgery is for every parent and child who must face the reality of it actually happening on such a personal level.

Even critics care about cast member’s son

Kaiser is a cute little guy, who has won fans’ and followers’ hearts. Even Jenelle’s critics care about him. Goodness knows, she catches an onslaught of flack if she as much as allows him to just be a child and play outdoors without her acting as a helicopter mom, constantly hovering and stifling his existence (there is a reason some time is just for playing with an attentive, not hyper-vigilant, parent nearby).

More to life with children than custody fights

Teen Mom 2” fans have faithfully followed the lives of the star’s three children, Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley. Jenelle has been a draw and has also brought in viewers to MTV since 2010. The notion of showing events that are not nested in custody struggles, heated debates, or legal problems seems entirely well-grounded and feasible.

An adorable little boy having surgery and his mother’s nurturing support seems fit for taping. Jenelle also had emergency surgery, which interested many fans and followers. Many publications, after all, covered the event. Jenelle nailed it. MTV missed a golden opportunity -- on more than one occasion.

Never-ending bickering will not sustain viewers

Viewers can only take so much of parents bickering. That Jenelle shared her frustration on social media should not have to be what it takes to grab MTV’s attention. The stars should have input in the taping process. In the absence of cast members, there would be no “Teen Mom” franchise.

Additionally, each cast member has a vested interest in the franchise. Their lives and their children’s lives are affected. No mom wants any child to be seen as a page marker in search engines one day with the input criteria: custody battle. Fans and followers have surely noticed that there are many viewers who have commented on social media, for a while now that the “Teen Mom” shows have become “boring,” just as Jenelle expressed.

Predictability is the problem. Custody fight, child support struggle, and more of the same grow old.

Giving credit when it’s due

Jace’s soccer game, yeah, that works. Ensley en route and following a check-up at the doctor’s office is also a viable segment. Just as Bristol Palin’s storyline this season is delivering impactful and meaningful reality to viewers, Jenelle Evans should have the same opportunity afforded in the segments she tapes. The ideas that MTV bypassed lend credence to Jenelle’s viewpoint. Hey, when she’s right, she’s right.

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