No matter what words are conveyed, how well a thought is expressed, or whether a comment is minus expletives, views that run counter to David Eason’s beliefs are the one he cares least about. Anything aside from his opinions evokes his stale invitation for social media users to leave his page. After wrapping himself in the Confederate Flag and posting the photo on his Instagram account, many followers lashed out against the imagery and his twist on history, US Weekly reported.

Eason accompanied his photo with a caption that stated that people should “just get off” of his page if they did not “agree” with his commentary that his family both fought and died for “this land.” He noted, as well, “Red white and blue comes in more than one pattern” (and, he owns the grammar).

Instagram users allude to Jenell’s 911 call

One Instagram user replied, “We love a wife abuser & racist.” Another person, who uses the handle @muddledmillennial, remarked, “I only see a redneck who gets drunk & beats his wife,” a reference to a recent 911 call Jenelle made to report an assault by Eason that she subsequently recanted, according to Pop Culture.

Regardless of insights that social media followers sought to share, it made no difference to Eason. No one should anticipate an apology from him. He appears to thrive on creating controversy and drama.

He no longer has to care about what “Teen Mom 2” viewers and fans think of his opinions.

MTV booted Eason for his bigotry

MTV fired Eason earlier this year following a Twitter tirade. He used social media as he thought best when he unleashed his homophobic rant. Instagram user @lettyyy_baeI echoed what other followers pointed out: “I hope no one is surprised by this display of ignorance.” Many people are not likely caught-off-guard but dismayed that his beliefs can still conjure a queasy feeling.

Social media users ready to counter controversial images, captions

If Eason is physically abusing his reality star wife, Jenelle, people encourage her to ask for help and get out the relationship. As important, though, are the couple’s children who are being exposed to his vitriol and low tolerance for people who do not see eye-to-eye with him.

In return, many followers see him through a narrow lens: “A loser wrapped in a loser piece of cloth,” according to @momma_needs_coffee_stat.

Social media followers readily volley back after Eason makes a controversial post, such as the one of himself wearing the Confederate flag. Follower @emma.craig stated, “What a great example for [Jenelle’s] boys!! NOT!” when Eason shared a photo of himself in late August while he is giving the camera his middle finger. Another Instagram user suggested that he “set a better example for [his] kids,” while also asking, “Do you want them acting like this on the internet?”

Give the thirsty man what he wants by not giving him attention

Eason has no relevance when it comes to MTV and reality television, yet he sure seems thirsty, seeking to have his name constantly associated with controversy and drama that he appears to start.

Maybe it is beyond the time to do exactly as David has intimated: Pay him no mind. Attention is what he seeks and attains when people respond. Reward him no more.

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