"Marrying Father Christmas" hit the Hallmark screens on Sunday night (November 4). The movie that stars Erin Krakow and Niall Matter just rocketed us into the Christmas spirit. One day it wasn't Christmas - the next, suddenly it was! Erin was thrilled with the movie and she posted up ahead of the film on her Instagram wishing her fans the best and hoped they would enjoy the Hallmark movie. Many of those fans took to Twitter to share their reviews.

'Marrying' is the follow-on to 'Engaging Father Christmas'

Fans who watched the first movie will recall that it became the top successful and best-rated Hallmark show ever.

"Engaging Father Christmas" - a title that perhaps spoiled the movie for everyone, was predictably, just that. It was a movie about Ian McAndrick and Miranda Chester getting engaged.

However, Erin manages to bring depth and passion to her acting, that brings the Christmas spirit to life. "Marrying Father Christmas" also came with a spoiling title. But, even if you didn't guess there would be a wedding, the movie is so well acted, that it was worth every moment.

The storyline for Erin Krakow in this year's movie

In "Marrying Father Christmas" Miranda's new-found mother, Margaret Whitcomb (Wendie Malick), is determined to make certain everything is perfect for Miranda on her wedding day. Of course, for Miranda, everything's just going swimmingly well as she learns more about her father and is welcome in the Whitcomb home.

However, as with any good romance, there's always a stumbling block and a bit of heartache. A man named Charles pitches up and tells her he is her uncle. What to do when a stranger suddenly arrives just ahead of your wedding? Do you invite him, do you trust him? Obviously, Miranda has her suspicions. Fans will recall from the previous Movies that her mom said she didn't have any siblings.

Because of this Miranda ignores Charles, but then he produces proof. It's an off-beat note as she desperately wants to make her wedding day the most special day of her life.

Audience reviews of the movie

The movie immediately achieved a viewer rating of just under eight out of ten on iMDB after the first screening. Some people were frustrated having to choose between the two movies that Hallmark premiered on the same night - "Road to Christmas" on Hallmark and the "Marrying" movie on Movies and Mysteries.

Nevertheless, those who watched "Marrying" enjoyed it very much. Here's what fans of the movie had to say:

  • @kourtneycox1996: "Marrying Father Christmas was my favorite movie ever!!!! Love @erinkrakow and @niallmatter together maybe better than Jack and Elizabeth! #MarryingFatherChristmas."
  • @MsSpitfire66" @erinkrakow @WendieMalick I loved [the movie] So much so, that I had to rewatch the Wedding!
  • @HunksOfHallmark: [The film] gave me all the feels. Now, where can I find an Ian?"
  • @dcoppin: "I absolutely loved Marrying Father Christmas!!"
  • ‏@kim28845278: "Marrying Father Christmas was wonderful! I’m thinking Expecting Father Christmas next?"

So, it looks like "Marrying Father Christmas" brought a good start to the fast-approaching Christmas season. For #Hearties fans, they still have the "When Calls the Heart" Christmas Special to look forward to on December 25. That means more great acting coming from Erin Krakow this holiday season.