Adult entertainer Farrah Abraham, who formerly starred on MTV’s “Teen Mom OG,” went to court on November 2 in Los Angeles, California. She entered a guilty plea for resisting arrest in June. The outcome of her entering a plea is that a misdemeanor battery charge was dismissed, which the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office verified, People reported.

Punishment part of the package

Abraham, however, did not skate past punishment. Part of her plea deal requires her to complete 12 hours of anger management. She is additionally, on probation for two years, and she must perform community labor for a whopping five days.

According to Fox News, Abraham must also stay clear of the Polo Lounge, which is located in The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Incident at five-star hotel led to arrest

In June, Abraham was accused of hitting a hotel security guard. The hotel’s security placed a call to police, reporting a “disturbance,” Fox reported. Police responded, arresting Abraham. Following her arrest in June, her representative, Elizabeth Lloyd, stated that there was a “misunderstanding” about the situation, which was allegedly “blown out of proportion.”

The incident took place in a posh setting, one that is actually a five-star hotel, according to the Independent (UK).

She was arrested, following what the publication described as a “scuffle.” People defined the event as an “altercation.” Semantics aside, Abraham found herself in trouble with the law at roughly 1:19 AM. The hotel security guard called about Abraham “refusing” to back down from a “verbal altercation” with some of the hotel’s guests, according to People.

Police officers, who responded to the disturbance call, alleged that she showed “signs of intoxication.”

Plea agreement prevented possible stint in jail

After the ex-reality star was arrested and booked into the Beverly Hills Jail, she was also detained “on $500 bail.” It was only a matter of hours before Abraham, 27, was released, People noted.

Fortunately, Abraham agreed to the plea deal or she was facing the possibility of jail time. Ouch!

Perez Hilton noted that Abraham stated that she has already completed her anger management mandate. She also stated that she is “respecting” her probation. More importantly, though, Abraham is avoiding people who are not really looking out for her “best interest.” That’s good. She does have a young daughter, Sophia, who relies on her – even though many people do not agree with her approach to parenting.

Run-in might improve relationship with mom

With the more serious charge dropped, and her legal situation getting resolved, Abraham might be able to better relate with her mother, Debra.

While on MTV “Teen Mom” reality shows, the two women repeatedly seemed to be at odds with each other. At one point, her mom was faced with anger management, as well. Here’s hoping anger that Debra, and daughter Farrah, have experienced, will not be generational and passed on to Sophia.

According to a representative for Abraham, she is reportedly a “hard working individual” who also “sets very high standards for herself.” A business meeting is what led Abraham to be at the Polo Lounge when the incident took place.

Be sure to follow Blasting News for updates and for the latest information. In additional news about Abraham, she recently pulled out of the boxing match with Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander, over a dispute with the promoters. Hoopz, however, still intends to fight in Atlantic City on November 10, whether Abraham shows up or has totally backed out of the fight.