Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" have confirmed that Dominic Zampragna will reprise his role as Dante Falconeri, for one day only. The popular actor will return to Port Charles on November 12, as part of Sonny's reminiscing about his past. Earlier spoilers suggested that Lulu and her husband might have a Thanksgiving reunion or that he would come home to end their relationship. Now, viewers know that this is not the case. Sonny will consider how his life would have turned out if he had made different choices and it will be his first born son who will join the mob as part of the Jerome crime family.

Closure for Lulu and her spouse will have to come at a later date.

Dominic Zampragna leaves fans guessing

When spoilers teased that Dominic Zampragna was leaving "General Hospital," the actor did not address the rumors, His character abruptly announced to his wife that he was taking a WSB assignment, and was seen no more. When the news broke that Dante was returning to Port Charles in November, for one day, spoiler alerts suggested he would be back in town for a Thanksgiving reunion with his wife and family.

Soap Dirt indicates that Zampragna will be on screen on November 12, but, again, the actor is keeping mum about his future with the show. The spoiler quoted him as saying he was glad to be asked to return to "General Hospital." Fans have been left to guess, once more, in regard to Dante and Lulu's relationship, because Dante's one day return will not be in real time, which means he will not even interact with his loved ones.

Dante returns to Port Charles for Sonny, not Lulu

Soap Dirt reveals that Dominic Zampragna will come back to Port Charles when Sonny has a "what if " moment and reminisces about his past. The former mob boss will consider what life would have been like for him if he had made different choices. Soaps She Knows says that, as Sonny is going down memory lane, processing an alternate outcome, the real-life son of Maurice Bernard will portray his dad as his younger self.

Spoilers say that when Dante is seen on screen, on November 12, he will be the man in his family who turns to the mob and will be an operative for Julian Jerome's crime family.

"General Hospital" fans will be disappointed that Dante is not coming back to Port Charles to reconcile with Lulu. In truth, he is not returning at all.

Dominique Zampragna will be a figment of the imagination of his TV father, who will be questioning his choice of a life of crime. Soap Dirt says that if this beloved actor is not available after his one day stint, then the role of Dante should be recast so that Lulu can reunite with her husband or have closure in her marriage. Nelle also returns to Port Charles.