"General Hospital" spoilers indicate that viewers will soon be treated to a fan favorite. Dominic Zampogna will reprise his role as Dante Falconeri and show up in Port Charles near the end of November, The popular actor decided not to renew his contract and was written out of the daytime drama by having his character taken out of a town assignment with the WSB. He is slated to be back in town for only one day and it has not yet been announced how this will ultimately affect his marriage to Lulu. Dante has connections to the Spencer, Quartermaine, and Corinthos families who will all be glad to see him, even if but only or a short time.

Dominic Zampragna returns to Port Charles for a day

Soap Central indicates that Dominic Zampragna was delighted to be asked to return to his "General Hospital" role. Fans will be disappointed, however, because the popular actor will only be in Port Charles for one day. Spoilers tease that Dante will surprise his family near the end of November but don't say exactly how the scenes will play out. Lulu has missed her spouse but is also angry with him because he is not supportive of her choices. Since Zampragna did not renew his contract, it' likely he will not return full time, so he may be coming back to say goodbye to his wife.

Dante may return to Port Charles to work things out only to find Lulu has moved on with someone else and the couple parts ways.

Dominic Zampragna may decide to return to "General Hospital" on a recurring basis and randomly be seen with his family when his character is not on assignment. Dante also could be coming home to announce that he wants to work for the WSB full time and this one episode will be his swan song.

Dante surprises Lulu for Thanksgiving

Celeb Dirty Laundry teases that Dante will return to Port Charles just in time for Thanksgiving. This opens the possibility that he may surprise his family during the annual Quartermaine dinner, where the turkey gets ruined and they order out for pizza. The spoiler suggests that he and Lulu will enjoy a romantic reunion, but fans must keep in mind that Dominic Zampragna is only back for one day.

Dominic Zampragna never discussed in detail why he went off contract on "General Hospital." Spoilers and rumors suggested he wanted to pursue other acting jobs, as did Ryan Paevey who portrayed Nathan. Fans will be thrilled to see him back in Port Charles, even if only for one day. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update what happens next after Dante returns home to his family.