Spoiler alerts for "The Bold and the Beautiful" indicate that Dollar Bill Spencer will soon gain the upper hand over the woman he loves and also the two men who are responsible for his losing custody of WIll. Bill has been searching for answers as to what was the real reason Katie won sole custody of their son and on Friday he gained a step closer. Ridge and Judge McMillan will realize that Spencer is on to them, but will not have any idea how he plans to use the information. Spoilers tease that Bill will play a game of cat and mouse, tormenting the two men and keeping them off guard.

He may also end up with Brooke in the process.

Dollar Bill has the ball in his court

Soap Hub teases that Dollar Bill will process all that has happened to him and realize that the ball is once again in his court. He has evidence that Ridge met with Judge McMillan before and after the court hearing and now even has copies of their phone messages. Brooke told her husband on Friday that his nemesis is closing in and will not stop until he gets the truth. Ridge was so rattled that he could not answer reporters who were raving about his daughter's fashion show.

Steffy's Intimates line was a hit but her dad was not able to bask in the joy of success because his mind was on Dollar Bill. He knows if it comes out that he asked Judge McMillan to do him a favor, both of them could face criminal charges.

Ridge is also concerned because he knows that Bill is pushing Brooke's buttons and he wants her back. Ridge is worried that he could lose all and has no idea which way his sworn enemy will attack.

Brooke, Ridge, and Judge McMillan are in danger

Soap Dirt says Dollar Bill will toy with his adversaries and engage in a game of cat and mouse to keep them off guard.

He is even going to set up a meeting with the two men but he himself will not attend. Ridge and Craig McMillan will be rattled and wonder when they will be exposed. The spoiler says Bill will not act swiftly so the dressmaker and the judge will no doubt be continually looking over their shoulders. They are in danger of being exposed and Brooke may be manipulated back into her former husband's arms.

Soap Dirt suggests that Dollar Bill may even cut a deal, where he will not press charges against Ridge and the Judge if Brooke comes back to him. This would be the ultimate victory against his adversary and Bill will end up with the love of his life. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and keep watching "The Bold and the Beautiful" weekday afternoons on CBS at 1;30 PM EST.