Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that November will be filled with drama and intrigue for Port Charles residents that are seeking answers. Nelle will return just long enough to unsettle Brad and no doubt cause problems for Michael. Nelle will continue her cat and mouse game until the truth, about the baby switch, comes to light. Carly and Laura will grow closer, as they deal with mutual problems. Separately, the women will try to figure out what is going on with Kevin, who is really his evil twin, Ryan. Together they will determine to unravel the identity of the mystery patient in Ferncliff.

Nelle's return indicates trouble for Brad

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that Nelle will return to Port Charles this week and unsettle Brad with her game of cat and mouse. The spoiler does not indicate just what circumstances lead to the jailbird showing up, but only tease that her presence spells trouble for Carly's brother-in-law as well as her son Michael. It's possible that, now that Nelle has had a look at baby Wiley, she may want to spend more time with him and also continue to drop cryptic clues to her baby daddy that leave him confused.

Brad has been on pins and needles every since the child he adopted with Lucas died and Nelle gave him the son he had with Michael to raise. Spoilers don't give details but there are several reasons Cary's nemesis may be back in Port Charles.

She might decide to blackmail Brad into bringing the baby to prison for visits, or threaten that, at any time, she can reclaim the child as her own and tell Michael the truth. Whatever is going on in her head, it spells trouble for all involved.

Carly and Laura may figure out Kevin and Ryan have been switched

Soap Hub teases that this week on "General Hospital" the bond that Laura and Carly have been forming will strengthen.

They are determined to find out the identity of the mystery patient in Ferncliff and, now that "Kevin" has screwed them both, the women may forge ahead with their plan. Ryan, posing as his twin, broke up with Laura and implicated Carly in Mary Pat's murder. When the duo begins to compare notes, they may realize something is just not right with the good doctor.

Should Carly and Laura find a way to get into the room of the Ferncliff mystery patient, Kevin's wife should immediately realize that the man she has been living with is not her husband. The two women may be the ones to figure out that Laura's spouse has been switched with his evil twin. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" weekday afternoons at 2:00 PM EST on ABC. Continue to watch for spoilers that update Port Charles happenings in advance.