Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that things are about to heat up between the two most important women in Julian Jerome's world. The love of his life and his current love interest will soon be facing off because of their differing opinions regarding Oscar's health. Kim and Drew want to force their 16-year-old son to have an experimental treatment that may shrink his brain tumor and save his life. Alexis is representing the teen who wants to emancipate himself from his parents and make his own decision regarding his life. Now Julian's loyalty will be tested and he may have to choose which female he will defend at the expense of the other.

Alexis and Kim showdown long overdue

Kim and Alexis have been playing nice on "General Hospital" but Soaps She Knows indicates this will soon change. Ms. Nero is frantic to make her son go through with the experimental treatment that she believes is the best possibility of prolonging his life. Oscar is angry because his mother hid his condition and now the teen wants to be in charge of his own medical decisions. Kim believes Alexis overstepped her boundaries and should not have accepted Oscar's case. She is furious that Julian's former wife may cause her son to die without medical treatment.

A showdown between these two women was inevitable and as Oscar's time slips away his mother will no doubt become frantic.

She knows deep down that her "Charlie" still cares deeply for his first love. Alexis will stand her ground in her belief that the teenager deserves a say so in his medical decisions. and when the ladies face off it's going to be epic but Julian is going to be caught in the middle and will be torn between these two women and what each stands for.

Eventually. however, he must choose which one to back at risk of losing the other.

Julian's secrets may come to light

"GH" spoilers from Soap Dirt teases that Julian's role in the adoption of baby Wiley may come back to bite him because he made a call to the birth mother shortly after she had decided to renege on her decision to allow Brad and Lucas to become parents to her child.

Soap Dirt suggests that Willow Tate may be the little boy's birth mother and along with Michael may figure out the newborns were switched. If this plays out, WIllow may expose Julian's role in her decision. It will also come to light that Brad let his father in law in on his secret.

Should these facts emerge, it may make cause Julian's family to believe he has not truly changed. Both Alexis and Kim may decide they want nothing more to do with the former mob boss. Mr. Jerome could end up all alone with no one to turn to. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and keep watching "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST.