With the latest leaks about the next arc in the "Dragon Ball Super" manga, fans are finally treated with the official announcement of another story villain, along with the original drawing of the villain directly from Toyotaro. At first, the new villain doesn't seem anything like all the previous villains, but there is a sinister feeling to him and he's an escaped prisoner after all.

The upcoming arc

Today, the final chapter in the "Tournament of Power" arc will be officially released, although the chapter 42 of the manga found its way online ahead of its release and it revealed more information about the upcoming storyline of the "Dragon Ball Super" series.

For anime fans, the series ended with the return of all the fighters, Gods of Destruction, and Angels to their universe. Goku and Vegeta return to Earth and get ready for a spar, meanwhile, Frieza is free again and reassembles his "Frieza Force." After that, the events of "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" will take place and the manga has decided to completely skip the Broly arc. But there's a slight change made for the manga fans, right after the Tournament of Power ends, there's a reference to the latest movie and then the new arc starts.

The new arc begins with Buu getting kidnapped by the Galactic Patrol. Goku and Vegeta try to save Buu from them but the group recognizes the Saiyans and knocks them out with an anesthesia gun.

When Goku and Vegeta wake up, they find themselves in the Galactic Patrol HQ, in front of the number one patrolman, Merus. Merus tells them that a prisoner has escaped from the Galactic Patrol Prison and they need help from Daikaioh, who's still sleeping inside Buu, to recapture this escaped prisoner. We're not sure if they'll destroy Buu to get back the Daikaioh or extract him some other way without harming Buu.

The new 'Goat' villain

A few hours ago, the official V-Jump Shueisha site (vjump.shueisha.co.jp) was updated with more information regarding the new arc and the whole internet was flooded with the images of the new villain. Below is the new villain that will appear in the next storyline of the series:

The V-Jump Twitter account is replying with this drawing from Toyotaro when you vote for the best villain on their official site and share the post on your Twitter account.

This new villain doesn't look like it's strong, but his looks are menacing and fans can't wait for him to appear on the anime once they are done watching the Broly movie coming out on 14 December in Japan.