Although the attention of Dragon Ball fans is now focused on the feature film called "Dragon Ball Super: Broly," of which we have recently discovered numerous details, in recent weeks there has been much talk about the next narrative arc of the Toyotaro manga: the transposition paper of "Dragon Ball Super." Meanwhile, according to Comic Book, the new arc of the anime might set up the perfect return for Kid Buu. The arc is named "Galactic Patrol Prisoner." It will see the galactic garrison take Mr. Buu from Earth.

Goku and Vegeta

Like a bolt from the blue, recently a Twitter post appeared that would seem to come from the next chapter of the comic strip, which should be released in Japan soon.

Below, the tweet shows us a discussion between Goku and Vegeta, which, unfortunately, features only a few images and a paragraph on the side. The new chapter begins: "The narrative arc of the Prisoner of the Galactic Patrol"! Who is this captive evaded ...? Start a dangerous adventure !! Goku: "A certain person...? " Vegeta." Who is it?"

As always, I invite you to take the aforementioned spoilers with some pinches of salt, as they could be fake. Plus, it is quite improbable that the next chapter of the comic includes both the end of the Tournament of Power and the introduction of the next narrative arc. Nevertheless, on the net, there are those who jokingly support that the mysterious prisoner escaped from the Galactic Patrol may be Watagash.

That is the criminal parasite who appeared (so far) only in the "Dragon Ball Super" anime. Even if the spoilers turn out to be true, is it possible, that Toyotaro and Toriyama may re-use this dangerous creature capable of taking over the bodies of other living beings?

Broly movie

The most recent trailer of "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" has confirmed the presence of the dragon Shenron, as had already been anticipated thanks to the latest synopsis of the 20th film of the franchise, reports Comic Book.

What will be the role of the Dragon God in the feature film? In fact, the film will open with a hunt for the Dragon Balls involving Bulma, the protagonists, and the evil Freezer, who apparently will hire Broly after stealing most of the miraculous objects from the hands of Vegeta's wife.

Talking more about the story, "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" canonizes a plethora of characters, which I won't list here as too many spoilers may disappoint followers. However, there's the possibility of canonizing Cooler, Freezer's brother. Stay in touch with spoilers and news about Dragon Ballby checking in with Blasting Pop often..