On a very recent episode of 'Talk is Jericho' hosted by veteran wrestler and singer Chris Jericho, wrestler Cody Rhodes revealed a very interesting incident regarding CM Punk and his leadership skills. They both had a very detailed conversation about CM Punk where Jericho started the conversation by talking about former WWE star CM Punk. Cage Side Seats reported that he reminded Cody Rhodes of early times when he, Cody and Punk use to work together in WWE and used to share the same locker room. He mentioned how CM Punk used to act as a leader and boast himself as a leader.

The CM Punk Locker Room Incident

Chris Jericho had a conversation with Cody Rhodes where he asked Cody if he remembers how CM Punk used to act as a leader and was not accepted as a leader by a few wrestlers. Chris himself opined that he was not a good locker room leader.

Cody Rhodes initially hesitated to state names, but then he mentioned an incident where CM Punk once frustrated Booker T through his attitude. The incident took place when Booker T and CM Punk were together in the locker room with other wrestlers of the WWE.

Punk stated that he is the leader of WWE and ordered that nobody could throw the trash in the locker room. Hall of Famer Booker T was also there in the locker room when the incident took place.

He got angry due to this incident and threw the trash on the floor.

CM Punk was a WWE champion for 434 days before he left WWE. He worked with manager Paul Heyman for a long time and wrestled superstars like John Cena, The Rock, and Undertaker. He left WWE as he was not happy with the WWE management. This is due to fewer opportunities provided to him during his stint in WWE.

After leaving WWE, Punk went on to train for UFC where he trained for two years almost and fought two matches but unfortunately, it ended up in a loss for him.

Recently, according to news reports, it was confirmed that Punk has a new role in the MMA industry. This will be a role of the color commentator with Cage Fury Fighting Championships, an MMA group located in the northeastern United States. These shows air on UFC's Fight Pass streaming service.

Jericho: Kane is a real locker room leader

According to Jericho, Kane (real name Glenn Jacobs) has always been a real locker room leader. He has got a persona where people accepted him as a locker room leader. These traits made him the man he is today. This is one of the reasons he is the Mayor of Knoxville today. All this was discussed between Jericho and Cody on his recent podcast 'Talk is Jericho'.