The creator of the serialized crime thriller “Breaking Bad,” Vince Gilligan is staying tight-lipped about the plot of his upcoming, feature-length film. The facts that are known include filming in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and that a man was kidnapped, but escaped, and is on a “quest for freedom,” according to Screen Rant and The Wrap. Let the speculation begin among avid viewers and ardent fans.

Jesse Pinkman a top candidate for role reprisal

Screen Rant and TheWrap believe that Aaron Paul’s character Jesse Pinkman is sure to have a role in the two-hour movie.

The extent and capacity of his role are in the realm of guesswork. Paul has stated in recent interviews that he is definitely open to reprising Pinkman. After playing the role for seven years, he additionally said that he believes getting back in step with Pinkman is most likely to be seamless.

The Wrap basis its theory that Pinkman will play a pivotal part in the movie on a 2013 interview that Gilligan granted to GQ magazine. The show’s creator dropped a “hint” that Pinkman’s problems might not have ended with the popular AMC cable television series.

Speculation by Screen Rant, however, comes across as even more confident, stating that viewers will see “exactly what happened to Jesse Pinkman” once the series ended – with meth-making, high school chemistry teacher Walter White’s death.

‘Better Call Saul’ lead character viable for movie too

At the same time, the publication acknowledges that there is only one character that has actually been more fully explored beyond the original cable show.

Saul Goodman is the character that could also merit more attention in a full-on movie production.

In the fourth season of “Better Call Saul,” the principal character is in a taxi with a driver who “spooked him.” Screen Rant made note that the driver had an “Albuquerque air freshener.” Right now, it’s not known whether the publication is making a wild guess or could be spot-on.

If totally accurate, the staff will definitely have some bragging rights.

Walter White gave rise to Saul

Another possible launching point for the film could be picking up “prior to to the end” of the “Breaking Bad” TV series, Screen Rant rendered. That seems totally plausible since Walter White is central to the series. Bringing him back to fill the role would definitely be a plus among fans. His character was so essential that the show gave rise to him meeting Saul – spinning off into “Better Call Saul.” Without one, would the other exist? That is an unknown.

‘Breaking Bad’ creator stimulated buzz and suspense

For sure, Gilligan has released just enough information to keep fans wondering and guessing. In GQ’s 2013 interview with Gilligan, he stated his view about what may have happened to Pinkman once the series wrapped. He painted an optimistic picture: Jesse escaped the Nazis who forced him to make meth. After getting away, he made his way to Alaska and changed his name. Pinkman “had a new life,” according to Comicbook.

There certainly is not any guess about how ingenious it is for the creator to drop a snippet of information, teasing about the upcoming film.

It is marketing brilliance, generating buzz and building suspense. With so few details about the movie disclosed, however, viewers’ expectations will also be greater than if the film released without the build-up and fanfare heightened so far in advance. It could prove a challenge to sustain excitement until the movie screens.

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