It will be a big moment for Music lovers when two musicians of the stature of Neil Young and Bob Dylan take the stage together in London. The organizers of the show are upbeat about their British Summer Time Hyde Park 2019 festival. They have branded it as "possibly the biggest event" in history. They feel an opportunity of this nature is unique and is not likely to come again.

Sky News reports that the order in which they will play is still a secret, but their fans are hoping that they will perform some songs together. Bob Dylan is famous for his poetic lyricism and experimentation.

He has won a Grammy a number of times and in 2016, he received the rare distinction of being the recipient of a Nobel Prize. It was for literature and he is the first songwriter who received this honor.

Both Neil Young and Bob Dylan are in their 70s

The AEG Presents event is a two-weekend festival that will start on Friday 12 July 2019 in Hyde Park, London where two men in their 70s will be the main attraction. They are Neil Young and Bob Dylan. The former has played in the festival in 2014 with Crazy Horse and has created music from folk beginnings to finally land the title of the "Godfather Of Grunge".

On the subject of seeing two greats of music on the same stage, James King, senior vice president of AEG Presents, says that the objective of this festival is to deliver unparalleled live experiences for music lovers in the city.

British Summer Time has been running since 2013 and has seen many big names on the stage. More details about the 2019 package will emerge gradually and tickets will go on general sale on Friday 30 November.

The festival in Hyde Park will be different

According to the BBC, the British Summer Time 2019 in Hyde Park promises to be different because of the presence of Neil Young and Bob Dylan.

They are the joint headliners at this music festival in London but it is not clear about the order in which they will perform. Incidentally, they have shared the stage a number of times in the past and have an unseen bonding.

Neil Young once confided to a magazine that he was a "B" student of Bob Dylan and added that he could never be like him.

Dylan reciprocated by saying that Young was sincere and God-gifted and there is nobody in his category. Both have links with the city. Dylan was on a tour of the UK last summer while Young was in London for the O2 a couple of years back. Music lovers can expect good fare from 2019 British Summer Time with loads of music on the cards.