MacGyver has been known for being able to get out of sticky situations, but unfortunately, the hit series from CBS, based on the character, has announced that one of the characters will not be around any longer. George Eads, who was cast as Mac's partner, Jack Dalton, is leaving the rebooted series in Season three, following an altercation on set. The Hollywood Reporter has reported that the alleged altercation took place in October, leading to Eads storming off the show's set. I want to share that CBS released the first trailer in 2016.

George Eads is still in production on the drama, but his final episode will air sometime in 2019.

Both Eads and CBS have kept quiet about this recent incident. CBS has not said how Eads' character will be written out of the show. Since the show is focused on MacGyver, the show could take any direction to write off Eads. One option is to kill him off. Jack's death would be the simplest way to go, a similar method was used by Fox with "Lethal Weapon."

George Eads is keeping quiet about his exit

While George Eads has not confirmed news of his departure, he has asked to be released from his contract on many occasions. Eads is attempting to spend more time with his daughter in Los Angeles. With filming based in Atlanta, it would not be feasible for Eads to travel back and forth from Los Angeles on a regular basis.

Producers ultimately agreed to let Eads out of his remaining contract.

George Eads' work on "MacGyver" is his second high-profile job on CBS. He previously spent 15 seasons on "CSI." Similarly, his exit from that show was tied to an on-set spat between Eads and a writer. CBS later called the split "amicable." He was also fired from the show over a Season 5 salary dispute.

Eads also refused to participate in "CSI's" swan song in 2015. Eads was the first actor cast in the reboot.

'MacGyver' succeeding as a reboot

"MacGyver" is a reboot of the hit 1980s drama that follows Angus "Mac" MacGyver, who uses his problem solving and scientific knowledge to complete missions for a top-secret government organization.

The second season drew in 8.6 million viewers. While the situation has been called amicable, this could be Eads' last time on a CBS show. For now, we will have to wait and see what happens next. "MacGyver" airs on Fridays at 8 PM ET.

CBS continues to reboot hit TV Shows from the past. They recently rebooted "Magnum P.I.," with Jay Hernandez as Thomas Magnum. In 2010, CBS launched their reboot of the popular "Hawaii Five-0," which continues to rise in popularity. With Eads gone from "MacGyver," it will be interesting to see what happens with MacGyver not having his partner to work with.