Word on the street, and according to many publications that feature entertainment reports, is that the creator of the former cable television crime drama “Breaking Bad,” Vince Gilligan, has big plans for making a two-hour, feature-length movie. The project will spin off the original series according to Uproxx, The Wrap, Film School Rejects, and several additional media outlets.

Show’s creator knows if Walter White returns

The news definitely has fans wondering whether star actor Bryan Cranston will be cast in the movie. Cranston was a central character, who was known in the series as middle-aged Walter White, a meth-making chemistry teacher who had terminal lung cancer.

Right now, it seems that Gilligan is possibly the only one who knows for sure if Cranston’s character will be reprised, or if he will be cast in another role for the movie. The problem is, Gilligan is not dishing the nitty-gritty details.

Movie is on the heels of escaped kidnap survivor

Uproxx reported that the plot involves a man who is kidnapped, yet escapes. The movie tracks him, enabling the audience to follow his “quest for freedom.” Jesse Pinkman (played by Aaron Paul) is the character many fans suspect the movie will feature.

Meth-making teacher could return

Not to burst any bubbles, but Gilligan would have to find an ingenious way to bring back high school teacher Walter White since the show’s creator has previously stated in media that the character’s on-screen death was “definitive.” He addressed the series finale in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in 2013.

Gilligan stated, “Ours is nothing if not a definitive ending to the series,” adding that writers did not “feel an absolute need for Walt to expire at the end of the show. Our gut told us it was right.”

To that point, it is possible for clever writers to reprise the role of White. Whether it is plausible to do so may remain to be seen on-screen.

Crafty writing, combined with viewers suspending disbelief, could lead to Gilligan overcoming an obstacle and achieving a major feat.

Flashbacks might also provide an in-road for the revival of a character that millions of fans witnessed transform into a man battling cancer and wanting to take care of his family. To achieve his goal, while criminal, he made meth with a sidekick, Jesse, who was also a former student.

Walter and Jesse worked out well for fans

What made the duo work well, on-screen, for fans, was that, despite their criminal enterprise, the characters brought to life the serious dilemma Walter’s health and financial struggles. A healthy infusion and balance between macabre situations and the juxtaposition of their intellect and personalities made it all work.

The potential for bringing Paul’s character, Jesse Pinkman, to the big screen, is highly probable. Uproxx relayed details of its 2013 interview with Gilligan.

The show’s creator said that, in his mind, he believed that Jesse “fast and furious-d himself away from Walter White.” The door is wide open for the role of Jesse Pinkman to resurface as the movie is filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Aaron Paul is ready to fill Pinkman’s shoes

Paul is hoping to step back into Pinkman’s shoes. He told The Wrap that a role reprisal would very likely be “seamless,” since he filled the part of Pinkman for seven years. One thing is for sure, and that is that “Breaking Bad” is sure to be on viewers’ minds when Gilligan’s movie is released.

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