Disney's long-awaited streaming service made headway when the company announced the official name for the new service: Disney+. The new streaming service will join an assortment of other big-time services such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu which provide subscribers with a vast amount of original content. The trend of streaming services has only increased and several networks have gotten in on having their own original online content which includes CBS All Access and the CW Seed. The Disney service is expected to launch towards the end of 2019 which falls around the same time when Disney's contract with Netflix is expected to come to an end.

Disney announces new 'Star Wars' series

Along with the Disney+ announcement came the news of a second “Star Wars” series. The new series will follow Cassian Andor, the Rebel Alliance spy from “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” Disney teased the new series will explore the character more deeply and will feature Diego Luna reprising the role. The series will not only focus on his backstory but on the Rebel Alliance. The other “Star Wars” series set for the streaming service is "The Mandalorian" which will consist of 10 episodes and be set during post “Return of the Jedi” time. Disney has yet to announce a release date for either series. The news comes not long after Disney unveiled plans to press pause on any upcoming “Star Wars” films, including scraped plans for a Boba Fett film.

Marvel cinematic universe to expand

In addition to expanding the “Star Wars” world, Disney also has big plans for the Marvel cinematic universe with the streaming service. This won't be the first time the Marvel movie universe has made a jump to the small screen. “Agents of SHIELD” got its start in several films with the character of SHIELD Agent Phil Coulsen.

The series, expected to end with season five, was renewed for a shortened season six consisting of thirteen episodes. The new season is set for a summer 2019 premiere. Other series by Marvel include “The Gifted” on FOX, “Clock & Dagger” on Freeform, “Legion” on FX, "Runaways" on Hulu, and several Netflix series which include the recently canceled “Iron Fist” and “Luke Cage."

Variety reported Disney+ plans to include a series starring Tom Hiddleston in a series centered on the fan-favorite character Loki.

Scarlet Witch is also rumored to be taking part in a series with Elizabeth Olsen reprising her role. The news is among several other Marvel series Disney has planned to pursue. Each series will consist of six to eight episodes. Fans are also talking about the surprising series about the Winter Soldier and Falcon which was recently announced by Variety. Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie are set to reprise their roles. Variety reported Disney has hired writer Malcolm Spellman to helm the project. With how "Infinity War" ended, it's uncertain when the new series will take place. It's unclear if Marvel or Disney have confirmed news for any of the planned series.

Rumored series for the streaming service involve Hawkeye, Nick Fury, and other favorites fans are hoping will get their own series.

In addition to the possible series is “New Warriors” which is a series Freeform originally picked up before pulling it off the schedule. The young adult series will make its way onto Disney+. “New Warriors” stars Milana Vayntrub as Squirrel Girl and has been described as a docu-comedy. On top of the Marvel and "Star Wars" series announced, Disney has continued their pursuit of live-action remakes. These include the upcoming “Aladdin” and “The Lion King" which are planned to hit theaters in 2019, the long-awaited “Mulan” set for 2020, and the recent news of “Lilo and Stitch” in the works.