Austin Clay, 24, of Glendale, California, was accused of destroying a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The targeted star was Donald Trump’s. There were witnesses to the attack of the inanimate object, the Huffington Post reported. Plus, the culprit called Los Angeles Police when he was finished “bashing the plaque” and informed the officers that they would see him soon, according to reports by the Los Angeles Times and the Huffington Post.

Vandal turned himself in to Beverly Hills police

The suspected vandal, however, did not stop short. He walked straight into police headquarters in Beverly Hills, stating that he “wanted to turn himself in,” the Times stated.

Los Angeles Police officers retrieved him and then arrested him on July 25. Two days later, and after posting bail, Clay was released.

Star busting culprit pleaded no contest

Clay copped a plea of no contest on November 7. For his act of felony vandalism committed while using a pickax, he was ordered to serve a day in jail. He already completed that requirement. He must also perform 20 days of community service, complete three years of probation, pay nearly $9,500 to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce for his act of star smashing, and fork over $800 in fines.

In addition, and to comply with the terms of his plea deal, Clay must also undergo psychological counseling, the New York Times noted.

Felony vandalism is costly. The monetary damages he must pay to the chamber “represent the actual cost of repairs to the star,” the chief executive of the organization, Leron Gubler explained. The star is brass and terrazzo. Gubler stated that the non-profit organization Hollywood Historic Trust repaired the star by September.

Pickax toted in guitar case

When Clay set out to damage the star, witnesses stated that he carried the pickax in a guitar case. Patricia Cox witnessed the star attack. She thought he was a construction worker and that he was just going about it his business, the New York Times reported. She also said, “It’s Hollywood,” so she didn’t give it much thought.

Protest of president was point of attack

Clay attended a Chamber of Commerce meeting following the felony vandalism charges getting pressed against him.

His defense was that he was taking a stand against Donald Trump by almost totally obliterating his star on the Walk of Fame.

He also presented his position, on YouTube, in a video. In the video, Clay explained that he staged the attack on the star protesting President Trump, as well as the Republican Party. With the star on the Walk of Fame, his belief was that there would be a “negative presence,” according to the New York Times.

Clay’s attorney is David Pourshalimi. He stated that his client truly thought he was performing a service for people in the US by destroying the star. Clay believed that he was taking a stand against the separation of migrant children from their parents at the US border.

Stars to stay, no matter what

Gubler pointed out that the Chamber of Commerce has an unwavering policy of not removing any star and not for any reason. The basis for having such a policy is that when a group wants one removed, such as when people petitioned for taking away Bill Cosby’s star, there was an equal number of people saying that the star should stay.

Costs big bucks to have plaque on Walk of Fame

The current cost to lay a star on the Walk of Fame is approximately $40,000, according to Gubler and the New York Times. When President Trump’s star was placed on the sidewalk, he was still starring on NBC’s “The Apprentice.” In 2007, his star was priced at roughly $20,000 to install.

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