Halloween would not be the same without the harmless pranks people play on each other, trying to put a bit of fright into the night. Last year, however, talk show host Wendy Williams gave her fans and viewers quite a scare. When she fainted on stage, it was no joke. She fainted during her show’s 2017 Halloween broadcast, which startled a great number of people who tune in to see the popular talk show and its host both daily and globally.

Statue of Liberty costume contributed to fainting

The consummate professional that Wendy is, she later explained what led to her fainting.

Actually, it was not just one thing - dehydration, lights, makeup, and her costume all contributed to the on-camera incident. Her Statue of Liberty costume, designed by Ceasar Galindo, was incredibly awesome, though.

The unfortunate event happened during a live taping of her show. Exactly one year later, Wendy shared her reflections from the incident with her studio audience and at-home viewers. She was, again, in costume, but this time she was dressed as the Queen of Hearts to “honor her fans,” People pointed out.

Queen of Hearts says Halloween not her 'favorite'

She was open, as she always has been, with her audience – people she refers to as her guest hosts when seated in the studio.

Halloween, she divulged, is not and “never has been” a favorite holiday for her, Bravo reported. Never one to shy from a subject, she went straight to the topic of what she now calls her “faint-tation,” according to Entertainment Tonight.

Halloween does not put her in a good mood, and for a good reason. She dressed up for the day on October 31 just for her audience this year.

She even said as much.

Wendy also stated, “I love you for watching,” several media outlets reported. She is definitely a sport. While her Queen of Hearts costume was not as confining as her Statue of Liberty designer wear, she rocked the glam look with a necklace, leather gloves, and a red wig.

Passing out led to discovery of health conditions

Health-wise, the past twelve months have revealed some diagnoses for the beloved talk show host and maven of “Hot Topics.” Not even six months went by after she fainted and she found out that she has “hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease,” People pointed out. Wendy thought she was experiencing effects of menopause, just as millions of women do.

Wendy is not one to take time away from work.

She appears to thrive with the hustle and bustle of her busy career and demanding schedule. However, the health issues confronting her actually compelled Wendy to do something she had never done before. She took “first-ever hiatus from her eponymous show,” People noted.

Health made show host feel as if 'storm going' through her body

The talk show host, who is 54, described how she felt to People in March. “I had a storm going in my body is the best way I can explain it.” Fans know that she “loves” her talk show. “But I love me more,” she also said.

Wendy changed some of the things she was doing.

She no longer “skips” appointments with the doctor. In the past, she prioritized her commitments to her family and “work,” not seeing the doctor when she probably should have done so.

Her husband Kevin Hunter made it all the more possible for Wendy to “get through the health scare,” according to Rolling Out. She said, “He and I are glued at the hip. He was with me every step.”

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