Friday on "The Young and the Restless" Dina led Kyle to a safe hidden behind a portrait in the Jabot office. Monday's preview has Jack's son attempting to shred the documents that were found within. Spoiler alerts indicate that he is trying to destroy information that brings more secrets to light for his family. Eileen Davidson is in her final week on the show and as her last air date approaches, there will be more bombshell revelations that rock the Abbotts to the core. Dina will insist the documents prove that she and John set something in place to protect Ashley, but it can't be that simple.

If it were, Ms. Abbott would fight for her rights, instead of leaving Genoa City.

Bombshell revelations about the Abbotts

Spoilers indicate that this week on "The Young and the Restless" the Abbott family will revisit their 1970's past in flashbacks. Soap Hub teases that when they return to the present there will be more bombshell revelations about the family. Earlier spoiler alerts suggested that Kyle and Dina would find evidence in the safe that verified all of Ashley's recent evil deeds, but Soap Hub says the safe will produce documents that John and Dina put there long ago for their daughter's benefit.

Soap Hub suggests that the reason Kyle will try to shred the documents is that they reveal that Ashley and not his dad should be running Jabot.

This would indeed be a bombshell revelation because Dina's daughter is not John Abbott's biological child and would possibly start the war for control of Jabot all over again. It's probable however that Ms. Abbott may finally repent for her sins, and decide to leave Genoa City and Jabot behind.

Ashley's final days in Genoa City filled with turmoil

Soap Dirt says the documents were to protect the creations that Ashley brought forth in the early days of Jabot and Kyle will shred them to protect his family. The spoiler says Traci will put the documents back together and try to do the same for the Abbott family. The spoiler also indicates that the flashbacks will give "Y&R" viewers a different view of Dina, as a neglected wife that might gain her some empathy.

Soap Hub indicates that the Abbott children will square off this week in a way that they never have before, but spoilers don't say if they will reconcile by the time Ashley leaves Genoa City. Be on the lookout for additional spoiler alerts to update the final days of Eileen Davidson and keep watching "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons at 12:30 PM EST on CBS.