Soaps She Knows indicates that next week on "The Young and the Restless" the Abbott family will have flashbacks to the 1970's. Jonathan Stoddard, Cathy Marks, and Graham Taylor return to reprise their roles as a young John, Dina, and Jack. Julia D'Arcy Badinger and Valentina Sky Gordon have been hired to portray the youthful versions of Ashley and Traci. Eileen Davidson's last on-air date as Ashley will be October 29 so the visit to the past may be related to all that her family has been dealing with in recent months in Genoa City. It's possible that insight may be given that explains how the Abbott clan have ended up where they are at this point.

New revelations will rock Genoa City

Spoiler alerts don't give details on why the Abbotts will be revisiting their Genoa City history. It could be nothing more than Ashley thinking about her childhood before she leaves town. There also may be clues related to all the issues that her family is now dealing with and perhaps there may be some closure before she departs. it's also possible that new revelations may cause Ashley to move away from her hometown in shame.

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that, on Friday, Dina will lead her grandson Kyle to a secret wall safe at Jabot. Once opened, it will reveal documents of importance. Earlier "Y&R" spoilers suggested that Ashley had hidden evidence related to her giving Jack false DNA test results regarding John Abbott being his father.

The spoiler now says that whatever Kyle finds he is going to try to destroy and Dina will stop him before he shreds the information. This suggests that the information could be damaging to the family that will rock Genoa City.

The Abbots past may hold keys to the future

CDL indicates that MS. Mergeron will believe the papers are beneficial to the Abbott family, but, if her grandson is trying to destroy them, it's possible the information may be harmful.

Kyle may be attempting to dispose of the information, to protect his loved ones, or he may have selfish motives. Spoiler alerts have been vague on just what causes Ashley to leave Genoa City and walk away from her dying mother, but the information in the safe may hold the key.

Ashley and/or other members of the Abbott family going down memory lane may give "Y&R" viewers some answers or it may be nothing more than a way for them to relish what they once had. Be on the lookout for spoilers to update this storyline as Eileen Davidson's final week in Genoa City plays out. She more than likely will go out with a bang.