Recently, a Spanish cinema company called "Cine Colombia" leaked the first synopsis for the "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" film. The leak gave fans a closer look at the plot of the movie, especially, regarding how Goku and Vegeta will encounter Broly for the first time. The new leak also teased Bulma's big role in the upcoming movie.

Synopsis for the movie

The synopsis leak was first reported by a fan on Twitter and it had to be translated to English because the original synopsis on the site was in Spanish. Take a look below:

The synopsis suggests that recollection, of the event from 41 years ago, will not be a mere flashback but, rather, a complete storytelling, and probably by Paragus himself.

When Vegeta was born, his father prided himself on the latent ability of the Prince of all Saiyans, but at the same time, King Vegeta's loyal right-hand man, Paragus, was also blessed with a baby who had an extremely high power level. After learning that Broly's irregular potential surpasses his own son's power level, King Vegeta sends Broly off to a distant planet.

In search of his son, Paragus seeks out a few of his allies, and we've already seen that one of his allies is going to be a Saiyan warrior named Beets.

Paragus, accompanied by Beets, finds Broly on Planet Vampa near a crash pod.

According to Comicbook, at this point of the movie, when Paragus finds Broly on the remote planet, Broly will already be discovering the potential of his power and it's highly likely that Beets is going to be the first victim of his uncontrollable rage.

Bulma's role in the movie

On Earth, Bulma is busy finding the seven dragon balls, but what she is going to wish on them is still unknown.

Before Bulma can get her hands on the final dragon ball, Freeza steals six of the seven dragon balls from Bulma's laboratory. Meanwhile, a patrol from Freeza's army finds Broly and Paragus on the edge of the galaxy and takes them to Freeza.

Surprised by Broly's tremendous power, Freeza waves the bloody shirt of Paragus and heads to the artic place on Earth where the last dragon ball is detected.

Goku and Vegeta try to find the last dragon ball (Grandpa Gohan's four-star dragon ball memento) before Freeza but are shocked to see his new Saiyan ally.

The new "Dragon Ball Super" movie is set to be released on December 14, 2018, in Japan. Funimation has acquired the theatrical rights to the movie and is planning to release it in the United States and Canada on January 16, 2019.