Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless" tease that there will be chaos and drama within the walls of the Abbott home as the fallout from the DNA test deception increases this week. Traci and Abby will be relentless in their attacks against Ashley as soon as she walks through the door of the family mansion. Thanks to Kyle and Dina more secrets will be revealed which will only increase the family drama. The reveal that Jack was John's son, after all, will have lasting effects the entire Abbott clan and reach throughout the entirety of Genoa City.

It's looking like Eileen Davidson will be leaving the show in shame rather than with closure and reconciliation to her loved ones.

Abby and Traci react to Ashley's treachery

Soap Hub indicates that, beginning Tuesday, the Abbot family will be in crisis mode, for some time to come, with Abby and her aunt reacting to recent events in grand style. Ashley will return to the Abbott family home, expecting peace and solitude but she will be in for a surprise. Lying in wait to pounce are her daughter and sister who give her more of what she received from Jack at the Jabot office. Traci and Abby will both be fuming as they demand answers on how things got in such shape for their family.

Ashley will feel like she has been ambushed because, as of yet, she is not fully understanding the anger of her loved ones.

Abby is shocked that this side of her mother has been revealed and Abby feels betrayed because Ashley substituted a lock of her sister's hair for the DNA analysis. No one can figure out how Ashley became as cruel as Victor Newman and on Monday Jack initially accused his sibling of obtaining coaching from her former spouse. Ashley quickly shut Jack down by saying that Victor is not the only one who is capable of handling things this way.

Kyle and Dina reveal more deception from Ashley

Earlier spoilers suggested that Dina would lead Kyle to a safe inside the Abbot mansion, but Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates something different. CDL says that Dina will begin babbling about a safe that John kept in his Jabot office and will not be satisfied until her grandson takes her to it.

The duo will find and open the safe and Kyle will be shocked at the contents. Spoilers tease that Ashley has left a paper trail of evidence of all her wrongdoings. When Abby, Jack, and Traci are clued in, their ire will only grow.

Spoiler alerts do not give explicit details of the contents of the wall safe, but only indicate that what is inside will be explosive. Traci has been trying to broker peace within her family but this latest revelation may be the final straw. The Abbott home will be filled with pain and discord for a long time which will spill over into every area of their lives. Eileen Davidson has about one week and a half of episodes left on "The Young and the Restless," and it looks like at this point she will leave town as a hated woman.