"General Hospital" spoiler alerts tease that Valentin and Peter may be harbouring a secret related to Laura's son who is Spencer's dad. Their knowing glances in recent episodes suggest they have some hidden knowledge that they have not shared with others. Soap Opera Spy suggests that the duo has stashed Prince Nikolas Mikail Stavrovich Cassadine somewhere and he will soon be back in Port Charles. Both men are currently distracted by the women they love and are not spending time with. However, their body language, when Laura accused Valentin of murdering her son, indicated that something might be up between them.

Peter and Valentin distracted by love

Valentin had been pouring all of his time into helping Nina find her long-lost daughter and is now attempting to keep Sasha in her birth mother's life. Peter is smitten with Maxie and Celeb Dirty Laundry spoilers indicate he will get closer to her by bonding with his nephew baby James. These distractions may possibly hinder the plot related to Nikolas for a season. Peter indicates he wants a fresh start in Port Charles, but if he is keeping it secret that Nikolas is alive it will hinder all the progress he has made.

Soap Opera Spy suggests that the strange looks Peter and Valentin give each other, whenever the name of Prince Nikolas Mikal Stavrosovich Cassadine is mentioned, suggests they are harbouring a secret.

Add this to Valentin's reaction, on the many occasions Laura has accused him of killing Spencer's father, and it's easy to see why fans and spoilers believe he is still alive.

Spencer's dad may soon appear

Ava mistook Patient 6 for Nikolas when she was in Russia and it was believed "General Hospital" would revisit the clinic as the Jason and Drew saga came to a close.

Now spoilers suggest that Valentin may have his relative stashed on Cassadine Island and Peter may be privy to the information. Soap Opera Spy teases that perhaps when Sonny stopped Valentin from taking Spencer away he may have prevented the boy from being reunited with his dad. All of this is speculation and in two years of rumours, there has been no credible evidence that Prince Nikolas Mikal Stavrovich will come back to Port Charles.

The looks between Valentin and Peter may have absolutely nothing to do with Nikolas and this could be just another red herring to keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Tyler Christopher, who originated the role of the Cassadine prince, is currently portraying Stefan Demiera on "Days of our Lives" and there has been no indication that he is leaving. Even so, to keep up with what Peter and Valentin are up to, be on the lookout for additional "General Hospital" spoiler updates.