“Southern Charm” star Kathryn Dennis has not had an easy-breezy time since her ex-beau Thomas Ravenel’s arrest on September 25. Ravenel is the father of the couple’s two young children, son Saint and daughter Kensie. In addition to Ravenel’s arrest, Dennis was also targeted by Ravenel’s wrath conveyed in a Twitter tirade on Sept. 22.

The Bravo star demonstrated decorum and self-restraint in not responding on social media to the events happening in Ravenel’s life, including the charges of assault and battery he now faces in South Carolina, the home-base for “Southern Charm.” Kathryn refrained from commenting, not contributing to his ongoing drama.

Reality star turns focus on her children

While many fans and social media followers thought that Kathryn might leave a comment on her Twitter or Instagram account, she took the high road, avoiding controversy by prioritizing her children and looking out for their well-being. They will most probably have online access someday and the last thing Kensie and Saint will need is to see that their mother made statements that could, eventually, feel hurtful to her children. An ample supply of people, and media, already write about the situation encircling Ravenel.

Kathryn has been active on social media lately. It is that she chooses to focus on more positive topics. She recently shared a photo of her son and daughter on her Instagram account.

She captioned the photo, stating, “Everything in life to me.”

‘God has really blessed’ Kathryn

She has since reached out to her friends and family with comments on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, as well. Kathryn noted that she “needed to take a moment” for relaying how “thankful” she feels for her “friends and family.” She additionally commented, “God has really blessed me when I’ve most needed it.”

When she posted, Kathryn specifically mentioned Danni Baird, Naomie Olindo, Chelsea Shea, Madison Simon, and Jacquelyn Stewart, according to Inquisitr.

On her Twitter account, she also shared a post, relaying, “Heck of a week.” Watching her children sleep peacefully, she added, her “heart and soul feels so much more at ease.” After thanking everyone for the support, Kathryn assured that she will her small children safe, sound, and happy.

Bravo cast member doing well

Not allowing Ravenel’s drama to consume her life, Kathryn appears to be doing well.

Bravo drew attention to a new “accessory” appointing the pinky finger of its “Southern Charm” star. Kathryn, likewise, shared a photo of her ring with her fans and Instagram followers on September 29.

Social media followers love new pinky ring photo

She captioned the photo, “Pinky ring until I get a wedding ring.” It was not long for her followers to point out what is apparent to many people. The ring and her photo are absolutely stunning. Instagram user @sherryhorton5827 commented, “You are so lovely! Inside and out!”

With everything that Kathryn has had to face not only in the past week but also during Ravenel’s sometimes relationship with Ashley Jacobs, it’s good to see that she has the support of so many people.

While Bravo definitively stated on Sept. 25 that Ravenel will not be filmed in the upcoming season of “Southern Charm,” there has not been a clear read on whether Jacobs will return.

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