The “Today” show wasn't immune from the Time Machine virus that seemed to take over morning TV, on October 31, but give their hosts credit for going all in on the effort. Tiny ghouls and goblins must have been intercepting transmissions telepathically, because “Today,” “Good Morning America,” and “Kelly and Ryan” all took on 80s interpretations for their 2018 Halloween festivities, while “CBS This Morning” stuck to their news tradition, staying clear of costumes and frills.

“Today” has the grandest Halloween reputation to maintain, with a now 40+ year tradition of memorable costumes and caricatures that had never been seen in such immaculate detail.

Matt Lauer has vanished from broadcasting following revelations of his sexual assault scandals, like other hosts in the reckoning of the #MeToo movement, but his revealing neckline as the famous Jennifer Lopez in her Versace green dress at the 2000 Grammys will always be remembered. These morning hosts take becoming someone else very seriously, on Halloween, and gender norms don't matter.

Last year, the “Today” show gang went country, and this year, they took on the 80s with full regalia.

Running the gamut

A big part of the reason why “Today’s” Halloween endeavor always stands out is that every host and co-anchor buys in completely for the occasion. It does a spirit good to see hard-nosed newsman, Willie Geist, who rises at dark-30 for his duties at MSNBC before taking his “Today” shift, still be able to shake it like he did this morning as Ferris Bueller, singing “Twist and Shout.”

Kathie Lee Gifford may be the only person alive who doesn't still have “Material Girl” memorized.

She openly confessed to not knowing the song, but being a quick study, she pulled off Madonna, complete with dashing male escorts, without a hitch. The same cannot be said of her hairdo for the day, which she deliberately disheveled several times during her slot with Hoda Kotb.

The biggest challenge for Hoda Kotb and the crack NBC hairdressers was winding her notorious and lovely “big hair” under a cap for her portrayal as Elton John.

The songwriter’s gigantic career is worthy of those giant spectacles, truly spanning from 1970 to this day, but the anchor’s enthusiasm and not missing a word of her rendition, unlike her piano chords, was completely worthy.

Savannah Guthrie served up a believable Cyndi Lauper and put conviction into her performance. For the viewers’ money, the most enchanting performance came from Sheinelle Jones, who's dead-on impression of Tina Turner, in look, style, and moves, surely had millions doing a double-take over morning coffee.

Meteorologist Dylan Dreyer did a bang-up job as Marty McFly a.k.a. Michael J Fox in “Back to the Future,” accompanied by Al Roker in Christopher Lloyd's unforgettable role. “Top Gun” could never be forgotten, and Jenna Bush Hager did a fabulous, last-minute job as ”Goose.” Carson Daly was “The Boss,” Bruce Springsteen, for a day, streaking in on a motorcycle.

The real deal

All of the “Today” show gang helped out with one another's performances, but some did more than others. When none other than Debbie Gibson came out to delight the retro-loving audience to “Shake Your Love,” Sheinelle Jones had already transformed from the sultry mistress, Tina Turner, into the perfect 80s teen backup singer.

Even though she got the look down pat, she took some good-natured ribbing for her harmonies.

Debbie Gibson is about to go out on the Mixtape Tour with New Kids on the Block, Salt-N-Pepa, and Tiffany. The ever-energetic singer-songwriter reminded that tickets are almost sold out for the full run.

She may not need Sheinelle Jones as her singer this time, so the host can say plenty busy on the “Today” set.