On Wednesday, a new civil court filing was issued that says a 16-year-old Polish model claims Harvey Weinstein forced himself on her, resulting in years of harassment and emotional abuse. She also claims that she was blocked from a strong acting career, after refusing advances by Weinstein. The Hollywood Reporter claims the assault took place in 2002 at her New York City apartment.

The female is identified as Jane Doe in the court filings. Doe claims the Hollywood mogul said he was going to take her to lunch to discuss her career, but instead drove her to his SoHo apartment, and demanded sex.

Weinstein is alleged to have ordered the girl to take off her clothes and suggested that she'd never find work as an actress unless she did what he demanded. This is the latest women to speak up against the former movie studio head. All these allegations have led Weinstein to be stripped of everything including being kicked out of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The latest victim claims she was not expecting to be in this situation

According to the filing, Jane Doe was a virgin and did not have any kind of understanding when she accepted the business lunch, that she would be placed in this inappropriate position. Weinstein's legal team has fired back against these allegations, calling them "preposterous." Weinstein himself has also denied all allegations of nonconsensual sex.

Weinstein lawyer Benjamin Brafman said this 20-year-old allegation will be shown to be false.

The Weinstein Company film studio has remained silent. Harvey Weinstein has received numerous accusations of wrongdoing from women. Last year, The New York Times and The New Yorker, which detailed the accusations, which led to the launch of the MeToo movement.

This latest allegation is part of a lawsuit that identifies 10 plaintiffs, including a woman who released a video that shows Weinstein propositioning her in a 2011 business meeting.

The victim is speaking out despite her young age at the time of the incident

The accuser's lawyer Elizabeth Fegan said that Jane Doe's decision to speak up and join the lawsuit is brave, given how young she is.

Just days after the assault, Weinstein is alleged to have started calling and texting Jane Doe every other week. Harvey Weinstein continued to make it clear that he is the only person who could help her become an actress.

Weinstein is currently facing criminal charges from rape allegations stemming from a 2013 encounter with a woman in his Manhattan hotel room and forced himself onto her. Weinstein also saw one criminal charge dropped after it was revealed that an NYPD detective coached a witness. The same detective encouraged the 2013 accuser to delete the material from her phone.