Loyal fans who look forward to Kathie Lee Gifford and her professional best buddy, Hoda Kotb, helping them ease into their day have noticed a re-energized version of the favorite morning host for “Today” over the past year. It's no coincidence that Kathie Lee Gifford is finding more fulfillment, in her so-called senior years, than ever, turning 65 last month, and yet, delving into more productivity and new projects than in any period of her life. The veteran star of stage, screen, countless TV commercials, and cruise ship entertainment is a living testament to longevity in her industry, and playfully mourned turning 65, with Hoda, before her big birthday last month, teasing again that her only requirement for suitors was that they have their own teeth.

Kathie Lee Gifford had a lot to say about her resurgent creative life on September 26 during a one-on-one and sit down. The host discussed what she loves about looking back to see how God brings a plan together, and about looking forward to more projects like her film, “Then Came You.”

Still up for an adventure

This morning’s September 28 typical “Try-day Friday” installment wasn't such a winner with Kathie Lee, as she didn't go for the doughnut taste mixed in beer, or the coffee-glazed doughnuts that are soon to be offered at Krispy Kreme. “I don't want to get on a plane, a train, or a roller coaster, “she stressed, but she would be willing to travel for “an Australian man.” Gifford related how she had never been to Australia or had an Australian beau, so she up for trying a new international relationship.

One relationship that has definitely been deep and prolific for Kathie Lee Gifford is her collaboration with “Jesus Take the Wheel” songwriter, Brett James. The versatile Nashville-based composer and producer has created songs ranging from the contemporary jazz-tinged worship music of his own album, “Pax Christi,” to more traditional country songs for Martina McBride and Kenny Chesney.

He also co-wrote “Love Wins” from Carrie Underwood's just-released “Cry Pretty” album, which debuted at number one. Gifford wasn't bold enough to seek the talents of James on her own for her passion project of a film. Their creative coming together was the first piece in the puzzle that became “Then Came You.” Brett James brought the music to Kathie Lee's “He Saw Jesus,” which debuted almost exactly a year ago, becoming not just an eternal love song to Gifford's late husband, Frank, but a spark of inspiration to countless others in bereavement, urging them not to become stuck in grief, but to find new purpose in their future, assured of being with loved ones again.

The song also soared to the top of the iTunes charts.

James happened to look in Gifford's bag, finding some other lyrics that he loved, and he didn't want to waste a minute getting to “Once Again.” The song is about holding on to hope, and being willing to embrace love again. Although the song is the second to be previewed from the film, it was actually the first of the songs from “Then Came You” to be written. The video premiered this week on “Today” but wasn't seen by as wide of an audience as usual because of the preemption by Donald Trump’s UN General Assembly remarks, which resulted in the laughs literally heard around the world. Kathie Lee Gifford was gracious enough about the loss of her audience but did relate that it meant “Once Again” only rose to number 14 due to the interruption.

Part of the plan

Kathie Lee related how everything this past year has pointed toward completion of her labor of love. First, Hoda Kotb had to take unexpected time off for the arrival of her beautiful adopted daughter, Haley Joy, last February, and that meant that Kathie Lee would be hosting the show with a lineup of celebrity pinch hitters, one of whom was the former late-night host, Craig Ferguson.

From the very first few minutes, even with the 15-second delay required for the Scottish-bred and now American citizen’s humor, the chemistry was magic. “It was the most explosive television I've ever done in my entire career,” and it was Ferguson who prompted Gifford to make her film dream a reality, saying that studios weren’t exactly leaping to get to actors of a certain age and that he was fully on board as her co-star.

The original title for the love story was "Love Me to Death," but now has transitioned to "Then Came You."

Gifford kept Ferguson in front of her mind as she created the story of the film, and held fast to her dream as funding sources came together. She definitely sees God working in the “domino effect” of how the project has come to fruition, and its meaning for everyone involved. The music was created first, almost as the driver for the storyline, and composing and releasing music in this modern format has prompted James to embark on his own projects. “We’ve been a gift of God to each other—mutually,” relates Kathie Lee.

She hopes her film will speak to an audience that can be overlooked but is certainly growing.

She notes that 48 percent of women are alone, for many reasons, and most studios aim for the 20-45 demographic again and again. “I don't want to see dinosaurs, because I am one,” Gifford chuckles. She has called her production company Widow’s Peak Pictures because she hopes that women will realize that they can still be at a personal peek while being older, wiser, and having experienced some hardships in life. Every song is very different on “Then Came You,” and Kathie Lee Gifford hopes that her female fans, no matter their age, will stay open to new love and life experiences for decades to come.

She recently had a surprising, optimistic reply to whether she had already had the love of her life. “Not yet,” came Kathie Lee’s eager response.