On June 8, 2017, Bree Nece and her sister Gina Nino attended a New Kids on the Block concert at the KeyArena in Seattle, Washington. They stopped for a late night snack at the Palace Restaurant, and on their way back to their hotel, The King's Inn, they were approached by a woman in her mid to late 30s, accompanied by two men.

The incident

Bree claims that the woman handed her a yellow balloon and struck up a friendly conversation about the concert. When the woman discovered that Bree was from Kennewick, Washington in Eastern Washington state, a more conservative area, she stated that she hoped Bree hadn't voted for Trump.

When Bree admitted that she had, the encounter took a turn for the worse.

Bree claims that the female began screaming at her and her sister, calling them racist. Shortly after, the two men joined in the verbal assault. One of the men came at her and punched her in the face as her sister Gina stood by, watching helplessly. As Gina tried to pull the man off Bree she was punched in the face. Shortly after, the man kicked Bree in the face and ribs as she tried to protect her sister.

After the trio left, Bree got to her feet. Shortly after, one of the men came back from around the corner, accosted her, slammed her onto the concrete, grabbed her hair and dragged her across the sidewalk. There were three witnesses, and the two men were arrested but released the following day.

Bree Nece believes that the trio mentioned the words antifascist or ANTIFA, an acronym standing for antifascist, with groups across the nation.

Bree stated to this reporter that "although no one came to our aid, we are grateful the three witnesses made statements." She went on to say, "Without them, the men would've never been caught."

Messaging with her on Facebook, Bree said, "The prosecutors have filed charges on them and their pretrial is set for July 31st.

My sister spoke with them this morning. We are patiently waiting on the official police report."

She ended our conversation with, "Our mother fears for our safety, but we need this to be heard. I wont lie and say im not nervous but we cant let hate win. God bless."


The group ANTIFA, an anti-fascist organization has locations in Seattle.

ANTIFA is an extreme left wing organization dedicated to promoting violence in an effort to stop fascism. They are gathering on college campus' across the nation and taking their message to the streets. There have been several clashes across the nation between ANTIFA #supporters and conservatives.