Ashley said her final goodbyes on Monday”s episode of “The Young and the Restless.” Jack, Traci, Kyle, Dina and Billy all had an emotional goodbye that was void of true closure. The family members, as well as Jabot Cosmetics, were left in shambles with the departure of Ms. Abbott.

She and her patents are headed to Paris where she will remain for quite a while. Ashley made her peace with her mother and tried to get Abby to come along. In the end, she left town all alone after being brutally honest with Jack.

The family must now pick up the pieces and move forward without losing the legacy that John Abbott set in place for his loved ones.

Ashley stood her ground with the Abbotts

On Friday, Ashley announced to her bewildered family that she was headed to Paris and taking the patents for her products with her. The Abbott family was stunned and Jack tried to talk his sister out of this devastating move.

He pointed out that Jabot employees might lose their jobs right before the holidays but his sibling stood her ground. Kyle and Billy accused her of a power play and Traci could not believe her sister would walk out on their mother at such a critical time.

Ashley begged her daughter to go with her but Abby declined. Traci brought Dina into the room but she did not recognize her second born child. Ashley thanked her mother for helping her to become independent and the two women embraced.

Dina then shuffled into another room at the Abbott mansion and Ashley said her final goodbyes to her siblings, daughter, and nephew.

Ashley and Jack have a troubling farewell

Later Jack was drinking at the athletic club and his sister walked in. He tried once more to make a deal with her for the patents but Ashley refused to change her mind.

They talked about all the issues that had led them to this point and Jack apologized for The Blood Abbott Clause.

In flashbacks from their childhood, it was made clear that the two were always in competition with each other. Ashley admitted to her brother that she had to move to Paris and leave everything behind because she knew her family would not truly forgive her and she walked away.

Previews for this week show Phyllis stating her case for why she would make the best CEO for Jabot so the cleanup behind Ashley’s departure is beginning. Be on the lookout for Spoiler alerts to update this storyline and continue to watch “Y&R” weekday afternoons on CBS at 12:30 PM EST. If you are an Eileen Davidson fan please note that according to head writer Mal Young, her days in Genoa City are not done.