No one can ever accuse Erin Krakow of “When Calls the Heart” of not putting her whole heart into what she does. Very early in this month, the star who embodies the resilient and ever-willing to lend a hand teacher, Elizabeth Thornton, snuck out the words “End of Season” from her script on social media, indicating that Season 6 was an accomplished mission for the drama. Just because the final story for the season that is set to debut in early 2019 is “in the can,” to borrow old-time television lingo, Erin Krakow didn’t stay snug in her trailer in Vancouver or start booking vacations on a beach somewhere.

There are always lots of last-minute touches and tweaks to bring any television show to a satisfying close for a season. Erin Krakow has shared many lovely treats from the set and from her heart in recent weeks with faithful fans in recent weeks. When he came to the Season 6 wrap party, Erin Krakow and her “When Calls the Heart” castmates shared glimpses of their fun and friendship on Twitter on October 28 and 29 and most definitely proved that the right accessories make the perfect photogenic memories.

A must-have hat

A photo booth is always fun for any party, and it’s very evident that these castmates are friends as well, judging from the cozy poses posted by Erin.

Pascale Hutton, Lori Loughlin, and Erin Krakow each make fashion statements, with Erin and Lori being playful trailblazers as they don distinctly out-of-period hats from those usually worn in their “When Calls the Heart” role. Lori Loughlin goes for a cowgirl look, while Pascale Hutton makes the most of her hot pink feather boa.

The hat for Erin Krakow has a 40s look but still looks seriously cute on the actress whose smile says so much. Loveliness is in the center frame from every lady.

Erin Krakow simply dubs all of her photo friends as “lovable goofs,” and the actress consistently praises how special she feels to work among such caring, talented, and professional co-stars.

The gentlemen are up for some fun, too, with Kavan Smith, who portrays the devoted yet serious-minded husband to Pascale Hutton's Rosemary, Leland Coulter. Both Smith and Hutton have suggested in interviews that children are a definite possibility in the future for Lee and Rosemary. Rosemary surely has a gift for the stage and design, bringing culture and couture to Hope Valley. She also has a heart even bigger than her nose for town gossip, and she may find her deepest calling in loving a child—fans will have to see how that future may come to pass. Since crazy glasses, props, and profiles are used in the fellas’ shots, it’s hard to tell the other identities.

Fans didn’t have to wait until 2019 to see Erin Krakow looking luminous and so lovely showing off her baby bump, already named “Elizabump” by caring fans.

The actress was wearing light blue when the future Thornton made his or her debut, and another photo pictured “Elizabump” in pink, being tenderly protected by Loretta Walsh and Johannah Newmarch, who portray Hope Valley moms, Florence and Molly.

Showing big support

Speaking of Loretta Walsh, the accomplished actress was the star of the night in more ways than one yesterday, when a large group of her “When Calls the Heart” castmates came to out to support her on the dramatic stage in what Krakow called “a beautiful performance” alongside Markian Tarasiuk in “Sex With Strangers.” Erin made it clear that support is something natural, finishing the post with #WCTHfamily.

Erin Krakow has a way of making fans feel like family, too.

She made many moments special for fans at last weekend’s HFR4 “Hearties” convention. She even took her own photos as keepsakes.

Fun and friendship come with her work for Erin Krakow, but there’s no acting to her feelings, just ask her friends. She will be in the premiere of “Marrying Father Christmas,” playing a bride again as the actress, Miranda Chester, to Ian, portrayed by another “When Calls the Heart’ favorite, Niall Matter, on November 4.

Friendship is a genuine factor for this family of talents, even after the cameras stop rolling.