Fans from all over the globe have loved singer and performer Tina Turner for decades. Her raw talent is exceptional, her timeless beauty and youthfulness never fade, and she has had an extraordinarily incredible life. Some of her biggest musical hits are still quite popular today, and people of all ages enjoy her music as well as the beaming personality behind the microphone.

While Turner is not as visible publicly as she once was while in the prime of her career, she is still well-known and beloved by fans who keep up with her amazing life and career.

She currently resides in Switzerland with her husband Erwin Bach, who happens to be 16 years younger than she is. They got married in 2013 but have been together as a couple for about 30 years. Their love is evident, and with love, comes compassion and selflessness. And selflessness is exactly what we are now able to witness as we learn of Bach’s true devotion to Turner. He donated his kidney to Turner as she faced kidney failure, something Turner shares in her autobiography.

Tina Turner’s illness

In 2016, Turner learned she had intestinal cancer. She relied on Western medicine to aid in her recovery but, due to side effects that Turner could not bear, she made the choice to explore homeopathic solutions.

Her choice was not helpful and her illness could not be cured with this more natural route. Her kidneys were going into total failure.

Tina Turner’s husband helps

Bach had the ability to help save his wife. While it must have been a heart-wrenching, perhaps difficult decision, he made a sacrifice that was strong and selfless.

He chose to be a living organ donor in the hopes his kidney would make Turner healthy again. In April 2017, the procedure took place and it went smoothly. While there are still some effects of the organ donation that Turner must deal with daily, including dizziness and anxiety, overall the transplant was deemed a success.

Tina Turner’s autobiography

This moving organ donation story and much more about Turner’s life and legacy will be shared with the world in her upcoming autobiography which is set to be released late October 2018. Thanks to her incredible journey with her battle with kidney failure and her loving husband’s remarkable act of care and kindness, Turner requests that her readers consider becoming organ donors too. At 78-years-old, the star continues to inspire and delight fans throughout the world. We wish her continued good health.