Warner Bros. Pictures and DC Entertainment streamed a new trailer for the live-action "Aquaman" film during this year's New York Comic-Con event and the video shows Arthur Curry in his classic superhero costume along with King Atlan's legendary Trident.

Director James Wan also defended the new trailer against criticism by a number of fans. The plot of the film will take place after the events of the "Justice League" movie as Arthur is forced to go back to Atlantis and claim the throne from his haft-brother, Orm (Ocean Master) to prevent a war between his kingdom and the surface world.

Arthur must also find the Trident to unite the seven cities with the help of Mera.

NYCC 2018 trailer

The new "Aquaman" trailer is a five-minute video revealing Arthur and Mera's search for King Atlan's trident as they travel to the Sahara desert to look for more clues inside his tomb. Screen Rant reported that Atlantis was once on the surface during Atlan's rule and he united the seven cities. Arthur and Mera learned that the Trident has the ability to command the whole ocean life or destroy it if it falls into the wrong hands.

The trailer also revealed that two heroes are being hunted by Black Manta and Orm's elite guard as they chase them around the city. Orm provided Manta's armor and weaponry in exchange for getting rid of his brother and retrieving the Trident.

Mera's father, King Nereus, appeared in the trailer and he defends his home Xebel, from Orm's army. The location of the Trident is hidden in the deepest darkest depths of the ocean, but it guarded by dangerous fish-like humanoids called the Trench.

There is also an extended look at Arthur's parents, Thomas and Queen Atlanna, and his classic orange and green armor from the DC Comics.

Mera believes that Arthur is the key to unite Atlantis and a bridge for peace between two worlds.

James Wan on the new Aquaman trailer

According to Comic Book.com, director James Wan defended the new "Aquaman" trailer after several fans criticized it for showing the whole plot and stakes of the film. Wan took to Twitter and stated that the NYCC trailer barely revealed the whole plot of the movie and told everyone that it's their choice if they do not want to watch it.

Wan has been known for directing horror and slasher films such as "Saw," "The Conjuring," and "Insidious." The live-action "Aquaman" film is his first take in doing superhero Movies. He promised comic book fans and movie viewers that his take will do the DC character justice. The film will premiere in cinemas on December 21.