Is Leah Messer already considering a potential reconciliation with her former husband just days after her reported split from ex-boyfriend Jason Jordan was confirmed? On Wednesday, after Messer shared a series of tweets, seemingly confirming her rumored split from Jordan, Us Weekly magazine shared a comment given to them by the “Teen Mom 2” star in which the mother of three discussed getting back together with Jeremy Calvert.

“We are great parents and that’s all we’ll ever be,” 26-year-old Messer explained to the magazine in their October 24 report.

“We’re great co-parents together,” she added of herself and Jeremy Calvert. After tying the knot in 2012 after less than a year of dating, Messer and Calvert welcomed daughter Adalynn Faith, now five. Then, in late 2014, the couple began experiencing martial turmoil and after accusing Messer of cheating, Calvert confirmed plans for divorce.

According to Leah Messer, Jeremy Calvert is unpredictable and she never knows what he's going to do or say at any given time. That said, she and her ex-husband have learned what it takes to maintain a healthy co-parenting relationship for their daughter Addie. “Jeremy and I do what’s best for [Adalynn Faith] and if there’s ever an issue, we address it. It is all about communication," she explained.

"If there’s not communication when you’re coparenting, it will never work.”

Leah Messer shares three children with her ex-husbands

In addition to co-parenting her youngest daughter with Calvert, Messer is also co-parenting her eight-year-old twins, Ali and Aleeah Simms, with first husband Corey Simms. As fans of "Teen Mom 2" will recall, Messer and Simms tied the knot in 2010 and called it quits on their marriage just months later after she admitted (on camera) to sleeping with ex-boyfriend Robbie Kidd behind his back just days before walking down the aisle.

Leah Messer's former boyfriend was 14 years her senior

While there was a substantial age gap between Messer and her alleged ex-boyfriend, Jason Jordan, the longtime "Teen Mom 2" cast member told Us Weekly magazine that she was never embarrassed about the gap. That said, she was a bit afraid to expose their relationship to the cameras because she knows how judgmental and irrational people can be.

Leah Messer, her former husbands, Jeremy Calvert, and Corey Simms, and their families are currently in production on the upcoming ninth season of “Teen Mom 2.” The new episodes are expected to begin airing sometime later this year or early next year.