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99 problems but Fox ain’t one

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" made its very first television debut on the 17th of September 2013 on Fox and was widely received instantly, thanks to its incredibly talented cast that include the likes of Terry Crews, Chelsea Peretti, Stephanie Beatriz, Andre Braugher, Melissa Fumero, Joel McKinnon Miller, Dirk Blocker, Joe Lo Truglio, and Andy himself.

Rising quickly as the best in its genre, this police procedural sitcom was soon expanded to 22 full-length episodes from its initial 13, assuring its longevity to what is now five whole seasons of pure, unadulterated laughter. The show and its cast have both been nominated and received Emmy’s and Golden Globes in various categories, further boosting its critical acclaim. Things were looking pretty damn good for the show until Fox unexpectedly pulled the plug on it in May this year, leading to massively disappointed fans all over the globe.

An opportunity not to be missed, broadcasting network NBC, who originally sold the show to Fox, swooped into the rescue of both the show and the fandom by renewing the show for its upcoming Season Six.

The upcoming season was said to have 13 episodes. "Brooklyn Nine-Nine has followed a pattern of new season releases around September every year, which hasn’t happened with season six due to obvious reasons, however, it was announced early September that the episode count will be increased from 13 to 18.

Raw Sauce

Earlier this month, the show's actress Chelsea Peretti reached out to her fans with the bad news of her not being a regular on the upcoming season.

This was supposedly due to the downsizing of the cast due to a shift in the network. The inevitable was expected, courtesy to her thinning presence due to maternity leave in season five.

What was rumoured to be a mid-2019 release has been put to rest by none other than the man Terry Crews himself.

Earlier today, Terry went live on social media giving much-awaited information about the show, and publicly announced that the sixth instalment will air on NBC in January 2019. There has been no official news or confirmation from the network themselves but we do believe there will be an official statement soon.