24-year-old singer Justin Bieber recently wed the beautiful model Hailey Baldwin. As a wildly successful celebrity, Bieber has plenty of money. So much so, that he recently rented a sprawling home in Toluca Lake, Los Angeles for a whopping rental rate. He is reportedly shelling out $100,000 per month for this Spanish contemporary home. It sounds extravagant, but when you are a famous and beloved pop star like Bieber, the money seems to grow on trees. Bieber and Baldwin also just returned from the Bahamas.

The magnificent home is for sale and is listed for $8.5 million.

Bieber does not want to purchase the home at this time, so he is renting it on a monthly basis. This arrangement brings the monthly rent to an outrageous cost. It is unclear how long the successful singer and his 21-year-old wife will reside in this pricey Los Angeles pad, but for the amount Bieber is spending each month on rent, hopefully, the newlyweds make the most of it.

Justin Bieber’s new home details

Bieber’s new Los Angeles home is a mansion. Large and lovely, this spacious gem is perfect for a celeb of his caliber. Surely, Baldwin enjoys living there too. Who wouldn’t? This expansive home must have all the bells and whistles to justify the high rent. The home is situated on the breathtaking California waterfront, so the views must be striking and impressive.

At 7,000-square feet, there is plenty of room for Bieber and Baldwin to spread out, invite friends over, and decorate the space elaborately. There are five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, as well as a spacious garage that can accommodate six automobiles. The spa and pool are added luxuries, and since Bieber is a recording artist, the in-home recording studio is a perk he obviously could not pass up.

Justin Bieber’s new life

It was not very long ago that Bieber was something of a wild child. Then, suddenly, we find him married at 24. He was dating Selena Gomez for a while and many people thought they would wind up back together. Selena allegedly doubts the engagement between Bieber and Baldwin. But Bieber found true love with Baldwin and they decided to make it official by getting married earlier this year.

They are young, but they must believe that they found the perfect partnership. Hopefully, their marriage lasts a lifetime, unlike many celebrity marriages that don’t seem to make it. Congratulations to Bieber and Baldwin on their new Los Angeles home. Perhaps they will decide to buy the mansion, eventually. Bieber certainly has the money to make that a reality.