The Kardashian-Jenner clan is ever-expanding. New babies are being born regularly and the large famous family just keeps getting larger. It can be hard to keep up with this crowd, just like the title of the family’s reality show has us thinking.

As we watch this interesting family live their lives for all the world to see on TV, it is fun to see how they have changed over the years, especially Kylie Jenner, who has basically grown and changed from a girl to a woman right before our very eyes.

Now that Jenner is 21-years-old and a new mom, she is no longer that little girl we once watched.

Although there are reruns of the reality show airing all the time, today’s version of Jenner is a far cry from the teenager we watched on the past seasons of the show. Jenner is now a savvy and successful businesswoman who is raking in the big bucks.

Some may argue that she is the most popular sister, surpassing Kim Kardashian-West when it comes to fans and fame. And now that Jenner is a new mom to baby Stormi, she has even more on her plate, in the best possible way. But one baby is supposedly not enough for the beautiful reality star. She already has plans for another little one to add to the family.

Kylie Jenner plans to expand her family

Another baby already? Not quite yet, but Jenner is reportedly interested in having another child in the future.

She wants little Stormi to have a sibling one day, a sister to be specific. Perhaps Jenner’s close relationships with her sisters are the reason she is hoping for another girl. But this sibling will not be as close in age as Jenner is to her sister Kendall.

Remember, Jenner is only 21-years-old. She has plenty of time to have more kids.

She says she is not ready right now anyway but the idea of another girl is clearly on her mind. Stormi is adorable, so it is understandable she wants another baby. Plus, she seems to love being a mother.

Kylie Jenner is thinking of a feminine name

Jenner’s first baby is named Stormi, which is not a name we hear all the time.

Stormi is a cute and unique name and lots of Celebrities give their children out-of-the-box names these days. Jenner wants her next baby’s name to have a feminine quality, but that does not mean this child’s name won’t be unique as well.

Right now, Jenner does not have a particular baby name in mind. No matter what the name is or when Jenner has her next child, the baby is sure to be adored by Jenner’s huge loving family as well as her millions of fans and followers. Stay tuned for your little sister, Stormi.