Spoiler alerts for ”The Young and the Restless” indicate that executive producer Mal Young’s head may possibly be on the CBS chopping block. Recent changes on the show have outraged longtime viewers and ratings are slipping. Current storylines are not popular and Soap Dirt indicates that network execs and sponsors are not pleased with the program losing money. Perhaps now, something will be done to save the daytime drama and bring back the viewers who have given up. Soap Hub reports predictable storylines this week, so only time will tell if the fans pushing back will have an effect in Genoa City.

Not your grandma’s Genoa City on 'Y&R'

Genoa City today, is totally unrecognizable, compared to decades ago. Mal Young has been at the helm for a little over a year, and fans don't like what he has done to ”Y&R.” Soap Dirt says all the cast changes have left viewers in an uproar and demanding Young be fired. The spoiler emphasizes that Mishael Morgan (Hilary) did not renew her contract and Eileen Davidson (Ashley) will soon depart. Christel Khalil (Lily) and Tracey Bregman (Laureen) are on recurring status. Ashley also told Jack she knows the identity of his dad.

Doug Davidson (Paul) was fired, and it is rumored the same has happened to Christian Leblanc (Michael). While Mal Young is decreasing the presence of longtime fan favorites on ”Y&R,” he has brought back two minor Genoa City characters; Summer and Noah Newman.

Soap Dirt spoilers also say viewers are angry because Young has ripped apart Nick and Sharon. After they worked so hard to get back together. This constant upheaval indicates this is definitely not the same show that past generations enjoyed.

The chaos continues on 'Y&R'

Soap Dirt says Mal Young may be starting to pay attention to the complaints because he has already reversed one of his changes by reinstating the next days ”Y&R” preview at the end of each episode.

Even so, Soap Hub indicates that in the immediate future, there will be more fallout and the same chaos from Young’s changes in Genoa City.

Spoilers say The Rosales family will continue to be featured on ”Y&R,” with Arturo dating Abby and Rey comforting Sharon. Fall sweeps brought an end to some storylines. Lola is also making moves on Kyle. Be on the lookout for updated spoiler alerts to find out if the viewers pushing back against Mal Young, along with decreasing ratings, bring any of the fan favorites back to the show.