Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that Tuesday will begin a week of excitement and drama in Port Charles. Nicholas Bechtel is back as Spencer and will be in serious trouble with grandma Laura. The young Cassadine prince returns at a time when there is a family mystery unfolding, and there are signs that his presumed deceased father Nikolas may still be alive. Drew, who has pushed Sam away and refused her support regarding Oscar may soon find that he needs her advice to make a life-alerting decision. His love for her may be what causes him to choose the direction he will be heading.

Spencer will encounter several family mysteries

"General Hospital' viewers will be elated to see that fan favorite Nicholas Bechtel has returned as the young Cassadine prince. Soap Opera Spy indicates he will show up on Tuesday and grandma Laura will not be pleased. She believed he was safe at boarding school but now here he is on her doorstep. Spoilers say Spencer will be in big trouble for yet again doing things his way.

Spencer will be returning to Port Charles at a time when several mysteries need to be solved. "GH" spoilers don't detail what shenanigans the young prince will be up to, but there are several storylines that he definitely will be involved in. His evil twin Ryan has replaced Kevin and the young prince may be the one to figure out that the man his grandma' believes is her husband, is actually an imposter.

Spencer may also continue his quest to vanquish his uncle Valentin for the alleged murder of his dad and may even find out that Nikolas is still alive.

Sam may help Drew stop Margaux

Soap Hub teases that Drew may have no other choice but to enlist the help of Sam, who he has been pushing away. Drew refused his ex-wife's support regarding dealing with Oscar's brain tumor, but spoilers indicate that now her expertise may be appreciated.

Margaux has told Drew that she will give him the hard drive with his memories if he helps her take down Sonny. This week an encounter with his former spouse may be just what he needs to make a final decision.

Drew may decide he does not want to hurt Sam, by turning on Sonny and Jason so that he may turn the DA down. He could also decide to let his ex-wife in on his dilemma, and along with assistance from Jason and Spinelli, Sam may find a way to retrieve the information from the flash drive and take Margaux down in the process.

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