Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" indicate that this coming week will be stressful for Drew. The possibility of Oscar dying, Drew dealing with his feelings for Sam, and Margaux trying to blackmail Drew will be pretty overwhelming. Mr. Cane will have to make some serious decisions and people may be hurt in the process. If he wants the flash drive with his memories, he must betray Jason and Sonny. He desires to put distance between himself and his ex-wife, but it hurts every time he sees her with his brother. Oscar is refusing treatment for his brain tumor and will not listen to anything his parents have to say.

Somehow, some way Drew must bring closure to each of these situations.

Margaux is playing hardball with Drew

Celeb Dirty Laundry says that Margaux will push Drew to betray Sonny and Jason in exchange for the hard drive that holds his memories. She is desperate to put the mob boss away for the murder of her father, even to the point of blackmail. Spoilers don't say what decision Drew will make, but if he chooses to regain his past, he will give the DA what she wants. It's possible he will turn her down and find a way to retrieve the hard drive without turning on his twin and his former boss.

Drew knows that Sam and Jason, with the help of Spinelli, can make just about anything happen, but it's too painful being around his former wife, knowing he has lost her love.

Earlier spoilers indicated that Margaux would not be sticking around Port Charles for long, so perhaps she will be forced to turn over the flash drive and lose her job because of her unethical ways. She is playing hardball without considering that she may lose in the end. She has no idea that Drew's son has terminal cancer and that he does not need this additional pressure right now.

Oscar and Drew are at odds

Soap Dirt indicates that Franco will offer a shoulder for his friend to lean on, while Liz pays a visit to Sam, asking her to do the same. The spoiler indicates that, at first, Sam will misunderstand and think Liz is telling her to get back together with her ex, but Liz explains that they all just need to be there for Drew because of Oscar's health.

Kim and Drew want to force their son to have experimental treatment, but he is refusing.

Drew and Kim explained that because he is under 18, they must make his medical decisions and have no idea their son has spoken with Alexis about becoming emancipated. Time is running out for Oscar and his rebellion only adds to the pressure on his dad that is coming from Margaux. Be on the lookout for "General Hospital" spoilers to give updates on Mr. Cain's predicament, and keep watching each weekday afternoon on ABC at 2:00 PM ET.