"General Hospital" spoilers indicate that "Julexis" fans may see a ray of hope this week for their favorite couple. Julian was released from prison over a year ago but he and his true love have, apparently, been growing further apart. He has moved on with Kim and she had a fling with Dr. Finn. Now, however, things appear to be changing and spoilers tease that they will soon begin a morning together. There are several ways this could happen so viewers should not jump to the conclusion they have spent the night together. Whatever causes Alexis to be sharing her waking hours with the father of her firstborn, will be a reason to keep watching an see where it leads.

Julian and Alexis have a new normal

Since being released from Pentonville, "Julexis" has formed a new normal for themselves. Julian is running Charlie's pub where he daughter Kristina is working and from time to time Alexis even spends time in the establishment. They are both cordial and respectful of one another's boundaries but, all of that may change this week. According to Soaps She Knows, one day soon Alexis will be sharing a morning with her former husband.

"Julexis" fans would be thrilled if their favorite couple found their way back to each other and began steaming up the television screens once more. "General Hospital" writers have had the duo moving at a snail's pace in each other's direction but current events may push them to spend the night together.

Kim has kept Julian completely out of the loop regarding her son's brain tumor. Spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, however, tease that this explosive secret may come to light this week. When Julian finds out about Kim's deception and realizes she trusted others with the information, his could send him straight to his former wife for comfort.

An explosive week for loved ones of Julian and Alexis

Celeb Dirty Laundry indicates that this week will be pretty explosive for the loved ones of Alexis and Julian, with one drama after another unfolding. Sam wants to help Drew deal with his son's terminal illness and at the same time must deal with her growing feelings for Jason.

Brad gas confided in his father in law that baby Wiley is not the same child he took home from the hospital an begged Julian to keep the secret. Spoilers tease that Cameron may reveal to Joss that Oscar is dying which will set off a chain reaction of emotions. There is also Casadine drama unfolding in several directions and a Nikolas return being alluded to.

"Julexis" might simply find that they happen to be in the same venue one morning soon and Julian may share with his former wife how he has been kept in the dark regarding Oscar. It could be however that by some strange twist of fate the duo does enjoy a night of passion and wake in each other's arms. Be on the lookout for updated spoilers and be sure to watch "General Hospital" weekday afternoons on ABC at 2:00 PM EST.