Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" point out that Laura should be noticing that the man she is living with is not her husband. Soap Dirt gives several reasons why Ryan will not just go ahead and sleep with his brother's wife and there are just as many reasons why she should know this man is not her spouse. Laura is going to be pushing "Kevin" to make love to her and each time he will refuse, she should pick up on clues that she is now living with his evil twin. Her insistence that normal marital relations resume could possibly put her, and her grandson Spencer, in grave danger.

Very soon the sociopath will not be able to hide his true self and things will become very dangerous.

Laura keeps pushing 'Kevin' for intimacy

Ryan Chamberlin gives off a creepy vibe while his twin Kevin Collins is an all around good guy. Even before "General Hospital" confirmed that the serial killer had switched places with his twin, eagle-eyed viewers were already suspecting because of "Dr. Collins" body language. Laura should have noticed something off the first time she embraced the imposter, but here she is a few weeks later and Soaps She Knows indicates she will continue insisting that her "husband" make love to her.

Although they are twins, Ryan and Kevin should have different smells, quirks, anatomy, and personalities.

Soap Dirt suggests that there is something underneath Dr. Chamberlins' clothing that he does not want Laura to see. Whatever it is might possibly open her eyes to the fact that she is living with a killer. Spoilers suggest there is a difference in the size of the brother's private parts, or perhaps Ryan has a tattoo that his brother does not.

Maybe it's Dr. Collins who has a tattoo or birthmark that his evil twin does not share. If spoilers are correct and Laura keeps pushing she may get just what she is asking for.

Ryan is giving Laura clues he is not Kevin

Ryan initially refuted his "wife's" advances by saying he had clients to see, then later pretended he did not want to give her cold germs.

Now his excuse is that Spencer is living with them and could walk in on the couple at any time. Laura is so fixated on her vendetta against Valentin that she is missing important clues right under her nose. Spoilers say that the evil Dr. Chamberlin will begin a killing spree around Halloween. Certainly, his behavior will be even creepier and his brother's wife should be putting the pieces together.

Soaps She Knows indicates that Kevin will have a glimmer of hope this week and also hat Nurse Pat will return to Ferncliff. Perhaps she will figure out the switch and help Dr. Collins or she may confront his evil twin and become one of the victims. Be on the lookout for updated "General Hospital" spoilers to keep informed about this storyline.